South Burnett Mayor Brett Otto … taking extended leave due to a health issue (Photo: SBRC)

July 31, 2023

South Burnett Mayor Brett Otto is taking extended leave from Council.

A statement was issued by Council CEO Mark Pitt on Monday afternoon advising that Mayor Otto would be undertaking the leave “due to a health issue”.

“During this time, Deputy Mayor Cr Gavin Jones will be acting as Mayor of the South Burnett Regional Council,” the statement continued.

“All correspondence is to continue to be directed to the Mayor’s office at and will be responded to accordingly.

“Council will not be providing any further comments on the matter and respectfully requests the family’s privacy at this time.”

Mayor Otto has been an apology at the past four Council meetings and several events in recent weeks.

The Mayor was being treated in a Brisbane hospital last week but the media was asked to keep this confidential “until proper medical assessments” were done.



8 Responses to "Mayor Takes ‘Extended Leave’"

  1. Sorry to hear you are not well, Mayor Brett Otto. Wishing you a rapid recovery to full fitness.

  2. Wishing Mayor Otto a speedy recovery. The Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce & Industry executive wish him well during his leave.

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