Graham House representatives gathered with Murgon Services Club Board members on Wednesday to acknowledge the donation

May 16, 2024

The Graham House Community Transport Service has two shiny new Kia Carnivals, thanks to a generous donation by the Murgon Services Club.

The club donated $58,974 which allowed Graham House to trade-in one older car and buy two new vehicles.

Community Transport Co-ordinator Maree Anderson said there were now 15 vehicles in the fleet, which are mostly used to transport people to medical appointments in Toowoomba, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Murgon Services Club’s donation was acknowledged with a small ceremony outside the club on Wednesday evening.

Board members from Graham House joined with Board members from the club for photographs.

The two vehicles, however, have been hard at work for almost two months with Graham House.

Ms Anderson said 139 people had already travelled in them on 488 trips.

The Community Transport Service provides non-acute, non-emergency medical type transport for people who have a short-term non-acute medical conditions or a frailty that prevents them from using conventional private or public transport and who meet eligibility criteria.

  • More information is available on the Graham House website
One of the two new Kia Carnivals which has already been put to work by Graham House


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