The Kingaroy Waste Transfer facility in Luck Road at Inverlaw … only the concrete recycling area is affected

May 8, 2024

An area within the Kingaroy tip has been cordoned off after building materials were illegally dumped at the facility.

A South Burnett Regional Council spokesperson said the concrete recycling area was cordoned off on Tuesday afternoon as a safeguard after asbestos-containing material was dumped at the weekend.

“The area will be closed off until the materials can be safely removed and properly disposed of,” the spokesperson said.

“It appears that a person or persons – yet to be identified – have brought in a couple of loads of broken tiles with fibrous sheeting and dumped the materials in two separate locations on the concrete and rubble pile.

“(It is) likely a DIY home-renovation job (and) the people may not even be aware they have been handling asbestos sheeting.”

The spokesperson said asbestos-containing material posed a serious health risk if was not properly wrapped and sealed prior to bringing it to a waste facility.

“Council’s waste team is striving to remedy this site as soon as possible to ensure on-site disruption is kept to a minimum,” the spokesperson said.

“If you live in an older home built prior to 1990, there is a high probability that you may have some form of asbestos containing material in your home.

“If homeowners are undertaking DIY renovations, then we urge everyone to take all precautions especially with fibro and fibrous sheeting used in wet areas, bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and the like.

“Older vinyl flooring may have asbestos backing on it.

“If you break or tear these materials, they can release invisible fibres into the air which can be inhaled.”

UPDATE May 17:  Council has advised that an area at the Kingaroy waste facility that was closed due to unlawful asbestos disposal, has now reopened. The asbestos containing materials have been properly removed, disposed of, and the area visually inspected by an accredited asbestos professional.


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  1. Look at the two pump house roofs inside the locked gate on McCauley Weir Road. Both deteriorating after many years and debris blowing in the wind.

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