January 23, 2020

Heading out to do some fishing over the long weekend? Then don’t use your supermarket prawns as bait!

Choosing the right bait when you go fishing can play a vital role in protecting our waterways from exotic diseases that could wreak havoc with local industries.

Agriculture Minister Mark Furner launched a bait education campaign on Thursday, urging people planning to go fishing over the long weekend to choose their bait carefully.

Mr Furner said protecting Queensland waterways from exotic diseases was a number one priority.

“As Queenslanders we love to get out with our families and friends and have a fish,” he said.

“It’s a fun and relaxing activity, but it’s important that we use the right bait.

“Using supermarket prawns as bait could introduce diseases such as white spot disease into our waterways.

“That’s why I am asking fishers to help protect the seafood industry in Queensland and buy their bait from the bait shop, service station or catch their own.”

Three years ago white spot disease wiped out production on seven prawn farms on the Logan River in south-east Queensland.

“A possible pathway for diseases such as white spot entering our waterways is the use of supermarket prawns as bait,” Mr Furner said.

“Many fishers are already aware of this but there are others who may not realise the risk, which is why we’re educating everybody on the dos and don’ts.”

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