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Aussie Farms Loses Charity Status

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Drought Minister and Member for Maranoa David Littleproud

November 19, 2019

Member for Maranoa David Littleproud has welcomed the decision by the Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission to strip Aussie Farms – the group behind the controversial “farm invasion” map – of its charitable status.

Aussie Farms runs a website listing the private details of thousands of Australian farming families.

“This is a win for common sense,” Minister Littleproud said.

“As Agriculture Minister I wrote to the Charities Commissioner asking him to review Aussie Farms charitable status. Today he acted.

“I also worked with the Attorney-General to bring Aussie Farms under the Privacy Act with a maximum penalty of $2.1 million for breaching the Act.

“Charities do not invade people’s privacy and encourage illegal behaviour.

“These activists put farming families at risk by encouraging large-scale trespass.

“No one wants 50 strangers invading their backyard where their kids play.

“Aussie Farms will lose charity tax benefits after being exposed for what they are – militant activists.

“It’s time Aussie Farms came to their senses and took their attack map down.

“We will always stand behind our farmers and farming families who have done nothing wrong.”

The National Farmers Federation also welcomed the news.

“Aussie Farms has finally been stripped of its charity status! It follows official complaints by us and hundreds of our members and supporters,” the lobby group announced on Twitter.

“Thank you to everyone who stood with us to oppose their behaviour!”

QFF said the organisation would no longer have access to Commonwealth charity tax concessions, including income tax exemption, fringe benefits tax rebates and GST concessions.

“We appreciate all levels of government consulting with the agriculture sector and taking a harder stand against these actions and ensuring that the legal protections and the punishments reflect the crimes,” QFF CEO Dr Georgina Davis said.

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One Response to Aussie Farms Loses Charity Status

  1. Disgruntled

    Sure took a long long time! Just goes to show that the “system” moves with the speed of a hobbled turtle when it wants to. What about the penalties for the perpetrators? The stress caused to the recipients of the invasions is just too much, not to mention the huge costs also.

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