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On-The-Spot Fines Now Active

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Agricultural Industry Development Minister Mark Furner

April 26, 2019

New fines to deter on-farm protesters came into force in Queensland on Friday.

The legislation aims to provide added protection against biosecurity risks posed by unauthorised entry on to farms.

Agriculture Minister Mark Furner said people going on to a farming operation must now comply with the property’s biosecurity management plan when they enter or leave, and while they are on the property.

“We have amended the regulations under the Biosecurity Act to allow Queensland Police Service and biosecurity officers to immediately fine people who put on-farm biosecurity at risk,” Mr Furner said.

“This is a direct response to the increase in incidents of unauthorised entry by animal activists to places where animals are kept.

“Unauthorised entry to places where animals are kept can pose biosecurity risks including potential spread of diseases between humans and animals causing production losses that impact the business, supply chain and ultimately consumers.

“People who behave this way now face fines of $652.75, either issued on-the-spot or later after further evidence is gathered.”

To support enforcement of property biosecurity arrangements under this regulation, livestock producers and others who keep animals have been encouraged to:

  • Ensure they are registered as a biosecurity entity with Biosecurity Queensland
  • Have an up-to-date biosecurity management plan in place, and
  • Have appropriate clear signage at the entry points to their property.

Mr Furner said the State Government would also explore longer-term changes to the Biosecurity Act 2014 to strengthen property biosecurity even further.

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