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Police Give Advice About Farm Protests

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Officer-in-charge of Kingaroy Police, Snr Sgt David Tierney

April 2, 2019

Kingaroy Police have prepared advice for owners and managers of rural properties in the wake of protests by animal activists at farms in the Darling Downs region.

Officer-in-charge of Kingaroy Police, Senior Sergeant David Tierney, said police acknowledged the right for any person to engage in any lawful protest activity but also acknowledged the rights of landholders and business operators.

“If a property owner has any concerns or should any unauthorised persons attend their property, the owner should immediately contact police,” Snr Sgt Tierney said.

“Landholders who are concerned how to protect their property and what actions they can take are encouraged to follow the advice below.”

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Protest Considerations

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3 Responses to Police Give Advice About Farm Protests

  1. Ben

    Excellent article. It’s imperative that folks know the laws and what they can and or should do in these circumstances.

    A lot of misguided comments of advice, suggestions of actions are not going to lead to a positive result for landholders. Those in position of influence should not be promoting an increase in emotion nor playing politics over policing matters.

    Well done to Senior Sergeant Tierney for outlining the legal and responsible actions that should be taken to protect one’s property. And not responding with aggression or physical violence that can redirect the breaking of law on to landholders.

    Calmly as best as one can, know the rules/laws, contact police ASAP, get recorded video evidence.

    Protect persons and property without question, however do it the right, smart way to ensure you succeed, not pour actions against you and your’s.

  2. Peter Schultz

    A “terrorist act” is an act, or a threat to commit an act, that is done with the intention to coerce or influence the public or any government by intimidation to advance a political, religious or ideological cause

  3. Linsey Ocsfam

    My interpretation of this article is that the police intend to do nothing to protect farmers and other lawful businesses from these terrorists. Let’s call them what they are. Their aim is to cause fear and that is the definition of a terrorist. They will not be prosecuted by the police. What about the biosecurity laws being broken?

    On the basis of it being their right to protest peacefully then if the same laws apply across the board there is nothing wrong with me breaking into a house if I hear a child crying because “I wanted to make sure there wasn’t child abuse happening” and refusing to leave until the police arrive whereupon they would politely ask me to leave with no charges.

    These terrorists should all be searched for weapons. I find it hard to believe that not one them has a tin of capsicum spray or such as was the case in WA. Search their cars for baseball bats, pocket knives, axes.

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