The HAD company delegation in Australia in 2016 (Photo: Heilongjiang Ainaji Dianli)

April 27, 2019

A renewable energy company with links to the Chinese Government’s Belt and Road economic initiative is planning to hold a “community pop-up event” in Kingaroy to discuss a possible wind farm development.

Gold Coast-based Australia Energy Windfarm Pty Ltd (AEWF) was established in 2016 and is fully owned by China’s Heilongjiang Ainaji Dianli Pty Ltd (HAD).

AEWF is registered to an address at Robina.

According to its website, HAD is engaged in the development, investment, construction, operation and management of renewable energy projects in China and is gradually expanding its overseas business in accordance with the Belt and Road initiative.

HAD has been involved in the construction of multiple wind farm and solar farm projects in China and boasts on its website that it has “strong financial strength and a professional technical team”.

The website also includes articles praising Chinese President and Communist Party secretary Xi Jinping.

In September 2016, HAD chairman Liu Xiaodong led a delegation to inspect new energy investment, development and construction projects in Australia.

A year later, a visit by Mr Liu created some controversy when media reported he had dinner in Brisbane with then-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull just days after AEWF declared a $40,000 donation to the LNP ahead of the 2017 Queensland election.

Questioned at the time by the ABC,  Mr Turnbull said it was a general discussion about the economy and investment policies were not raised.

“Obviously we have a lot of Chinese investment in Australia … there are occasions where foreign investment, including Chinese investment, does not get approval on reasons of national interest, but by and large Australia welcomes foreign investment,” Mr Turnbull said.

The ABC also reported at the time that AEWF was planning a solar power plant near Kingaroy. can find no mention of that project on the HAD website.

The Kingaroy meeting will be held from 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Thursday (May 9) at the Kingaroy RSL Club and interested members of the community have been invited to attend.

AEWF says members of the Kingaroy Wind Farm team will be available to provide an outline of the expected project, time frames, and answer questions.

  • Attendees have been asked to RSVP by email, including their name, the number of people in their party, and any questions they may have.

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One Response to "Chinese Explore Wind Farm Project"

  1. China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” is a way for China to exert influence over other countries. It’s known as it’s already making it’s presence felt New Guinea. China’s “Debt-trap diplomacy”. China uses strategic debts to gain political leverage with economically vulnerable countries across the Asia-Pacific region.

    “Papua New Guinea, which ‘has historically been in Australia’s orbit’, was also accepting unaffordable Chinese loans. While this wasn’t a significant concern yet, the report said, the country offered a ‘strategic location’ for China, as well as large resource deposits.” – The Guardian.

    It’s obvious that China has instigated a form of “economic colonialism”. Nations and or groups within nations become indebted to China and if they are unable to meet the loan repayments China demand other forms of payments, be it in resource or adjustments to policies in order to give China more favourable access.

    There are several countries that have already fallen into China’s trap.

    Be warned!

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