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Council Submits 2019-21 Wish List

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Murgon’s Jubilee Swimming Pool will receive a $50,000 maintenance upgrade if the State Government approves Council’s latest Works For Queensland project list (Photo: SBRC)

February 22, 2019

South Burnett Regional Council will spend more than half of a $4.5 million grant on gravel resheeting over the coming two years if the project is approved by the State Government.

The money will come from the latest round of the State Government’s Works For Queensland (W4Q) program.

W4Q was introduced in January 2017 as a $200 million program aimed at expanding employment by encouraging Councils to use the money to create temporary work opportunities.

The State Government announced it would tip an extra $200 million into the program in June 2017.

And in early November 2017, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk promised her government would add a further $200 to the program if it was re-elected at that month’s State elections.

W4Q grant allocations are based on location, population and unemployment rates.

Queensland’s 12 largest councils – including Toowoomba – are ineligible to receive funding.

South Burnett Regional Council has so far received almost $9 million from the W4Q program, and will be eligible to receive a further $4.5 million in 2019-21.

However, it must nominate the projects it will spend the money on by March 1 – then get them approved – before receiving the funds.

At February’s monthly meeting on Wednesday, Councillors voted to nominate 13 projects for W4Q funding:

  • Murgon Swimming Pool: $90,000 to replace extension joints and repaint the pool shell
  • Wondai Swimming Pool: $55,000 to install a new solar system to reduce running costs (a previous system was removed in 2018 when roof sheeting was replaced)
  • Wondai Swimming Pool: $140,000 to replace the pool’s filtration system and pump, and water testing
  • Kingaroy Soil Lab: $65,000 to install a new dust extraction fan
  • Wondai Sportsground: $70,000 to replace rotten timber in the grandstand, re-nail the seating and paint the grandstand
  • Kingaroy Heritage Museum and VIC: $50,000 to design and install new signs at both buildings; put a new centre sign adjacent to the peanut silos; and a new outdoor display at the front entrance
  • Durong Hall: $15,000 for new fire doors, a landing, alterations to the steps, earthworks, drains and pipework to prevent water ponding under the building
  • Gravel Resheeting: $2.75 million for various roads in the region
  • Murgon CBD: $500,000 for CBD footpath replacement
  • Drainage Improvements: $350,000 for drainage improvements in Brisbane Street, Nanango
  • Town Entry Signage: $100,000 for town entry signs across the South Burnett
  • Apex and Memorial Parks, Kingaroy: $300,000 for park softfall safety upgrades
  • Maidenwell: $15,000 to upgrade the public toilets in Pool Street

Mayor Keith Campbell said W4Q had been a blessing to Queensland councils, allowing them to catch up on many projects that had to be deferred due to budgetary constraints.

“I don’t know anyone in local government who has a bad word to say about this program,” Mayor Campbell said.

The motion to submit the projects was moved by Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff, seconded by Cr Gavin Jones, and passed unanimously.

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