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Council Submits Second Wish List

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A 2014 plan to upgrade Murgon's CBD footpaths will finally get underway if the State Government approves the SBRC's second list of Works For Queensland projects

July 19, 2017

The South Burnett Regional Council will spend an extra $2.5 million on gravel resheeting, drainage, footpaths and other road works projects in the next two years.

It will also spend $1.875 million on repairs or upgrades to Council-owned buildings, parks, swimming pools and related facilities.

The money for the projects will come from the second round of the State Government’s Works For Queensland grants program.

It will be in addition to the funds Council spends on these types of projects each year.

In January, the SBRC received a bonus $4.2 million when the State Government announced it would allocate $200 million to its new Works For Queensland program in an effort to create jobs.

Councils were given four weeks to submit a list of projects for approval, and the list submitted by the Council in February was accepted in full.

In June, the State Government said Works For Queensland had proven so successful it would tip in a further $200 million over the next two years.

Councils were given until the end of July to come up with a second list of projects they would apply the money towards.

The Council’s initial project list is required to be completed by the end of November, and the second list will need to be completed within the next two years.

At Wednesday’s monthly meeting, Councillors voted to submit a new list of 53 projects to the Department of Local Government for approval in the second round.

Mayor Keith Campbell was full of praise for the grants program, saying the extra $8.5 million the region will receive from Works For Queensland is allowing the Council to tackle a number of long-standing projects.

“This program has been a great help to our Council, and I commend the State Government for introducing it,” the Mayor said.

“We are now able to complete a lot of projects we had to defer in the past due to insufficient funds.

“This extra money is also helping keep a lot of our local trades people and suppliers in steady work.”

The projects submitted in the second round are:

Gravel Resheeting – $1 million

  • Alice Creek Road, Alice Creek – $200,000
  • Wesslings Road, Murgon – $50,000
  • Bullcamp Road, Bullcamp – $50,000
  • Bullcamp-Runnymede Road, Bullcamp – $125,000
  • Dangore Mountain Road, Gordonbrook – $100,000
  • Farrers Road, Mondure – $50,000
  • Haly Creek Road, Goodger – $100,000
  • Kumbia Back Road, Benair – $50,000
  • Maidenwell Upper Yarraman Road, Maidenwell – $50,000
  • Redvale Road, Booie – $75,000
  • Weens Road, Kingaroy – $100,000
  • Wicks Road, Gordonbrook – $50,000

Other Roadworks – $320,000

  • TH Burns/Coverty Roads, Ballogie (realign corner) – $240,000
  • Wooroolin Carpark, Wooroolin (seal and linemark) – $80,000

Footpaths – $640,000

  • Haly Street, Kingaroy – $250,000
  • Rodney Street, Proston – $30,000
  • Haly Street, Wondai – $100,000
  • Murgon CBD Footpath, Murgon (Stage 1) – $260,000

Drainage Works – $550,000

  • Parker Road, Ellesmere – $100,000
  • Mant Street, Kingaroy – $20,000
  • Williams Road, Benarkin North – $50,000
  • Mt Stanley Road, East Nanango – $10,000
  • Boonenne Road, Goodger – $20,000
  • Coverty Road, Ballogie – $20,000
  • Ironpot Road, Ironpot – $20,000
  • Mustons Road, Haly Creek – $40,000
  • Johnstons Road, Mannuem – $20,000
  • Premier Drive, Kingaroy – $150,000
  • Home Street, Nanango – $100,000

Building Works and Parks – $1,875,000

  • Kingaroy Town Hall Forecourt (spotlight replacements/painting) – $80,000
  • Kingaroy Town Hall (stage lights and foyer curtains) – $45,000
  • Kingaroy Depot (workshop lights replacement) – $35,000
  • Kingaroy Visitor Information Centre (resheet museum roof and air conditioner replacement) – $200,000
  • Wondai Pool (replace main pool chair lift and roof over amenities and canteen area) – $75,000
  • Wondai Administration Complex (repaint roof) – $70,000
  • Ringsfield House (misc painting and building repairs) – $97,000
  • Nanango Swimming Pool (replace chair lift, fence and anti-slip tiles, part painting and repairs) – $90,000
  • Nanango Administration Building (replace roof and air conditioners, painting) – $650,000
  • Boondooma Homestead (floor coverings, external painting and repairs) – $90,000
  • Murgon Town Hall (renewal of loading dock and security lighting) – $10,000
  • Community Hospital (install fibre optic cable and associated equipment) – $25,000
  • Kingaroy Aerodrome (relocate generator to service all critical infrastructure) – $30,000
  • Kingaroy Aerodrome (replace terminal floor tiles) – $10,000
  • Kingaroy Aerodrome (replace roof) – $117,000
  • Mt Wooroolin (replace bollards with welded post and rail) – $13,000
  • Rotary Park, Kingaroy (replace bollards with welded post and rail) – $12,000
  • Gordonbrook Dam (create area for day users, remove toilet) – $15,000
  • Dingo Park, Wondai (two shelters and pathing) – $55,000
  • Memerambi, Wooroolin, Wondai rest areas and Murgon Industrial Estate (bollards) – $20,000
  • Boondooma Dam (new power heads, repair or replace water and electricity service) – $56,000
  • Murgon Youth Park (pathing and garden beds) – $20,000
  • BP Walking Track, Kingaroy (rubber under fitness equipment) – $30,000
  • O’Neill Square, Kingaroy (install guttering on sound shell) – $30,000

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