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Charity Dinner Tops Off Police Career

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Wayne Bushell is on the verge of retiring ... but he's making sure of one more big fund-raiser in Kingaroy

February 16, 2018

Kingaroy police prosecutor Sergeant Wayne Bushell will be hanging up his badge next month, but he’s determined to put on one more big charity fundraiser before he goes.

Sgt Bushell was the mover and shaker behind the two Rotary Police Balls held in Kingaroy in recent years which together raised more than $77,000 for charity.

His latest effort is going to be a bit more modest – it’s a dinner rather than a ball – but he’s still hoping to raise a sizeable sum for Rotary Mental Health.

The dinner on March 3 will include curry (a dish that Bushy is famous for), Barkers Creek pork loin with a balsamic glaze, pork ribs in a spicy plum sauce, rump roast, a chicken dish, plus lamb mince in puff pastry with tzatziki sauce.

There’ll also be a simple entree and a choice of two desserts.

“For $30 a head, you couldn’t get a meal anywhere at that price,” Sgt Bushell said.

The night is also doubling as a farewell to Sgt Bushell, so he’s also getting a break in the kitchen for a change.

The meals will be prepared by his usual partner at the stove, Eddie McGregor, and local caterer Judy Crawford – which means you may be able to extract some stories out of Bushy from his long career in the police force!

Tickets are available at the front counter at Kingaroy Police Station.

* * *

Sgt Bushell joined the South Australian police on January 16, 1975, as a cadet and graduated as an officer three years later.

He then served at various stations around Adelaide including Para Hills and the Rundle Street Mall.

In 1986, an incident occurred which changed his life forever.

Police were pursuing a stolen car at speeds up to 180km/h when the vehicle suddenly braked and the police car crashed into it. Sgt Bushell was in the passenger seat when his side of the car concertinaed.

Inside the stolen car was one of South Australia’s most notorious felons, Michael Dean Rowe, who at the time was on bail on an armed hold-up charge.

Diners can learn more about the tale at the dinner, suffice to say a shotgun was involved and Bushy also pulled his gun and took a shot …

Sgt Bushell was badly injured in the crash and was off work for six months, and on desk duties for another six months.

In 1995, he moved to Queensland and completed a Prosecutor’s course in 2001.

He worked in the Ipswich Magistrates Courts and then came to Kingaroy as Police Prosecutor in 2005.

“I have seen through seven magistrates,” he joked.

Here’s something else readers probably don’t know about Wayne Bushell … he and his former wife adopted and raised seven children – one each from Thailand and the Philippines and five siblings from Ethiopia.  The couple also had foster children for about nine years …

Sgt Bushell says he has had a great time in Kingaroy, and has enjoyed getting involved with the community, especially Rotary.

He has started his final holidays now and will hand in his badge on March 10, a week after the dinner.

“I’m hoping to get 300 people there at my final Police / Rotary fundraising event,” he said.

There won’t be any auctions on the night, but there will be raffles, so bring your money with you!

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3 Responses to Charity Dinner Tops Off Police Career

  1. John Box

    Congratulations Bushy on an outstanding career and an ongoing commitment to volunteer community service. Best wishes to you and Deb for a long, happy and healthy retirement

  2. M Evans

    Where is the dinner going to be held, and at what time please?

    • News Desk

      It is from 6:00pm on Saturday, March 3, at the Kingaroy Town Hall. Tickets must be pre-purchased at the Kingaroy Police Station,

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