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Court House Back In Action

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The rebuilt and upgraded Kingaroy Court House heard its first cases on Monday

November 20, 2017

The first cases were heard in the  Kingaroy Magistrates Court on Monday, marking the end of the $5.31 million refurbishment of the old building.

Staff have been busily carting files and office equipment back across Kingaroy Street from the temporary courthouse in a former bottleshop which has been serving Kingaroy since April.

The new courthouse features a lift which will assist both defendants and witnesses with disabilities to reach the main courtroom on the second floor.

A covered walkway allows people bring held in custody in the watchhouse to be brought directly  into the court house safely and securely.

There are security cameras mounted around the outside of the building as well as in key areas inside.

The downstairs courtroom – which is used by the Kingaroy Magistrate when District Court is sitting upstairs, and also by various tribunals – has been enlarged and now features its own videolink system.

Glass panels have been installed in both courtrooms to separate visitors from the defendant and the bar table.

A special area has been created to allow child witnesses to give video evidence in a safe and secure environment well away from the actual courtrooms.

New soundproof interview rooms have also been created for solicitors to speak to their clients in privacy.

The date for an official opening of the building is yet to be set.

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Daryl Swan, who worked at the Court House from 1968 to 2011, took the opportunity on Monday to have a look inside the upgraded building ... the lift is just inside the automatic front doors

The old building was gutted, rebuilt and re-clad ... it's not Kingaroy's prettiest building but has been designed to serve the community for many years

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7 Responses to Court House Back In Action

  1. Barry Dobbs

    Agreed, not the prettiest nor does it show the Tower of Power. It’s plain and ugly

  2. RogerC

    What happened to the fancy new facade that was supposed to be part of the upgrade ?

    • News Desk

      It’s there, Roger … the builders stripped the whole building down to bare bones. For a long while you could see through it!

  3. Coaleen

    Was the architect North Korean?

  4. Daryl Swan

    The refurbished Kingaroy Courthouse has been most obviously (re)designed, inside and out, by a city slicker. The finished product wouldn’t look out of place in a concrete jungle such as Brisvegas but in a country/regional town like Kingaroy it stands out like the proverbial you know what. The two-tone grey exterior colour scheme is very dull and leaves much to be desired in the eyes of the beholder.

  5. RogerC

    It appears the original artist’s rendering was thrown out completely

  6. Phil

    Is the new building fitted with solar? Surely all new or refurbished government buildings should include solar to help with their renewables target.

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