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Mark It, Hide It, Lock It … Or Lose It

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Kingaroy police are urging local residents to mark valuables so they can be identified if stolen

November 15, 2017

Kingaroy police are urging all rural and residential landholders to improve their property security and “make your mark”.

Police often have numerous items reported lost or stolen that are of a generic nature with limited identifying particulars to use when searching for property.

Kingaroy police have suggested the following measures to help decrease the chance of having property stolen:

  • Lock your vehicles, house and shed when away, even for short periods of time;
  • Place valuable items out of sight;
  • Fix locks on doors and sheds; and
  • Engrave, stamp or paint an identifying mark unique to you. This might be your registered cattle brand or your initials and date of birth. Make your mark on items so they can be identified at a later time.

These simple measures will enable residents to work with police to stop crime and deter thieves.

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