March 26, 2014

by Doug Hutcheson, Publicity Officer

The Kingaroy Writers Association held a workshop on Tuesday, March 18. We had nine members present and welcomed new member Abby Andersson.

Geoff is now seeking contributions to the 2014 KWA book, which will be released at our 20th Anniversary Open Day on August 2. Geoff would also like pictures to go with our written submissions.

Angela and Doug are organising a members list, to circulate to financial members. Would financial and intending members please ensure they have signed and returned the new membership application form, which contains the authorisation to publish names and contact details to other members.

We started the day by presenting our our epigrams and unusual words, including such gems as “hapax legomenon”, “divvel”, “gaupus” and “gaud”.

This was followed by the discussion of several items of business, including an upcoming seminar about publishing on Amazon, discussion about our 20th Anniversary Open Day and a call for club photographs from the past 20 years, publications undertaken by members and awards won over that period – please contact Angela about these.

Smoko was at 10:30am, then we continued by presenting our homework, which was to write on the topic “The Door Creaked Open”. The stories ranged from the eerie to the touchingly true.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday April 1st. Homework for that meeting is to write about 1000 words on a painting or photograph of your choice, to invent an epigram about “People” and to find an unusual word and its meaning.

The Kingaroy Writers Association meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at the Uniting Church Hall at the corner Alford and Youngman streets in Kingaroy.

Meetings start at 9:30am and we warmly welcome visitors. welcomes reports from community groups about their activities. We invite any interested group to submit their reports to us by emailing them to

Reports should be written in Microsoft Word and any photographs submitted should be high-resolution and in .JPG format.

Please also include a contact phone number in case we need to clarify anything with you. We reserve the right to edit reports.