Kingaroy’s Julian Seng arrived at his Year 12 formal in style aboard this Fendt tractor

November 22, 2021

The rain came … and went, but it wasn’t enough to wash away the smiles at the recent Kingaroy State High School Formal.

The inclement weather did force a number of vehicle changes, but there was still the usual collection of funky Fords and hot Holdens as well as vintage machines, 4WDs, American pick-ups and even a Maserati!

The rain led to some last-minute mopping up outside the Kingaroy Town Hall (see “The Rain”, below) but apart from some of girl’s longer gowns getting slightly soggy around the hemlines, everything seemed to go smoothly on the red carpet.

And a fashion tip … sequins seem to be the 2021 must-have when frocking up!

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Former KSHS principal Ashley Roediger and Year 12 co-odinator Sean Wicks were greeting students and their partners on the red carpet
Year 11 students Emma Wilks, Paige Connelly and Zach Knight made sure the red carpet was ready for the arrivals after the cloudburst

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Gallery Of Photos

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The Rain …

For many people, memories of the 2021 Kingaroy State High School Formal will include what happened immediately before …

Rain which had been threatening suddenly bucketed down about half an hour before the start.

Families and friends waiting in the Town Hall Forecourt broke out umbrellas, the red carpet was soaked.

But then it started to clear, a rainbow appeared and the rain stopped, just as the first car arrived! snapped this in Kingaroy Street as we were driving towards Kingaroy Town Hall … it didn’t look promising!
In the Town Hall Forecourt, the rain was easing but people were still sheltering under umbrellas …
But then a rainbow appeared, the rain stopped and the umbrellas were put away
A bit of hasty sweeping of the red carpet, and the night was ready to roll!

[UPDATED with correction]

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