Beautiful gowns and plenty of smiles were the theme of the evening … Kimberley Boland and Brianna Yeats prepare to walk up the red carpet into Kingaroy Town Hall

November 17, 2020

The class of 2020’s odd journey through school was highlighted at the Kingaroy State High School formal on Friday.

They were one of the first classes to do Prep. They were the first class to do Year 7 in secondary school. They are the first class to be ranked for tertiary admission using the ATAR system.

And, of course, they are the first final year students for a century to have graduated in the midst of a global pandemic …

So it was probably fitting their formal should be held on Friday the 13th.

But it wasn’t all bad luck.

The threatened rain, which meant the students and their partners were hurried up the red carpet in a bid to beat a possible storm, didn’t eventuate so the gowns (and polished cars) stayed dry.

Sadly, COVID-19 restrictions meant parents and relatives couldn’t be with the students inside Kingaroy Town Hall.

And the usual crush in the Glendon Street Forecourt was missing, with just two people per student allowed behind the barriers.

Everyone had to sign in, too, of course.

But as soon as the vehicles started arriving, all thoughts of pandemic were pushed aside as the usual mix of Mustangs and Chevrolets, farm utes and street machines deposited their passengers at the foot of the red carpet.

There were even a couple of Harley-Davidsons, some ponies and a Samarai …

The Class of 2020 pose for an informal photo shoot on the steps of the Kingaroy Town Hall after the red carpet arrivals
Senior-Constable Samantha Giles, Kingaroy State High School principal Ashley Roediger and compere for the night, former KSHS teacher Megan Binnie
Some of the more unusual sights on Friday night … clockwise from top left, a pony-drawn cart with Asha Cooper and Patrick Frohloff on board; “samarai Sanada Yukimura”; and a Harley-Davidson escort for Callum Brown and Tahnee Whittaker

* * *

Gallery Of Photos

And they’re off … the first car in the evening parade arrives, a 1967 Mustang carrying Nick Underwood and Courtney Ludlow
Nick Underwood and Courtney Ludlow
Lachlan Montgomery and Olivia Eriksen
A 1969 XT Falcon ute brought along Jess Houghton and Byron Brunner
Byron Brunner and Jess Houghton
Asha Cooper and Patrick Frohloff
Ben Patteson and Jasmine Whye
Callum Brown and Tahnee Whittaker
Mitchell Quinn and Nikki Irwin
Shakira Coborn and Maddison Carstairs
Casey Bath arrived in this International pickup
Casey Bath and partner
Toby Schmidt and Chelsea Whye
Emma-Jayne Garland
Mark and Olivia McLeod arrived in style in this 1976 Cadillac Eldorado convertible
Mark McLeod and Olivia McLeod
Jacob Provan and Sophie Klein
Cory Neal and Tiarna Hurt
Cody Carroll and Hannah Armstrong
Cody Carroll and Hannah Armstrong arrive in a 1956 Chevrolet Nomad stationwagon
Aidan Barsby and Tayla Barsby
Lachlan Hansen-Crawford and Olivia Almond
Tennae Francis
Connor Shadforth and Hannah Seiler
Mark Ellacott and Kaitlyn Hannessen
Killian Klease and Kynan Gossow
Kaishalea Driver and Connor Hyde arrived in this blue Chrysler ute
Connor Hyde and Kaishalea Driver
McKayla Stanley and Darcy Church
Aimee Barron and Gordon Miners
Dayna Frohloff
Dayna Frohloff arrived in this Dodge pick-up truck
Codi Roath and Amadeus Lai
Vanessa Kissick and Lillie Fisher
Bella Spokes and partner
Pacey Bauer and Maddi Baldwin
Claire Hicks and Xiana Hansen
Nikkita Turnock and Logan Potter
Tahlia Goschnick and Ricky Lippiat
Angelina Phillips-Petersen and Holly Searle

Madi Hall and Daniel Dorrington

Stephen Munt and Hannah Robertson

Patrick Lenihan and Dianna Chirizzi

Aliyah Tunstall and Savannah Jeffs

This photo has been removed at the request of KSHS
Ashleigh Raabe and Emma-Lee Ouglitchinin went old-style in this 1928 Model A Ford
Emma-Lee Ouglitchinin and Ashleigh Raabe
Leigh Snape and Brock Stephens
Sharna Robertson and Kyle Boyes
Daniel Ross and Kamorl Petersen-Jiamtsu arrived in this 1954 Ford Customline
Daniel Ross and Kamorl Petersen-Jiamtsu

Madison Wecker and Jai Peters

Emma Hilsley and Jim Corbet

Logan Liesegang and Tia Harm

Brent Douglass and Cassidy Gaylard
Jaden Heness and Sarah Underwood

Ethan Cotter and Jacqueline Young

Nateesha Taylor and Jayden Irvine
Madisen Robson, Jasmine Bishell-Turner and Ruth Copas
This 1928 Chevrolet, driven by Darren Schmidt, brought Amber Fitz-Herbert to the formal … the Chevy has been in the Schmidt family since new

Zayne Jensen and Jade Zischke

Amber Fitz-Herbert
Zeke Johnson arrived in this little red 1959 Corvette

Connor Leeding-Levett

Zeke Johnson
Chloee Chimes and Sheldon Chimes


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