Emily Hughes and Michelle Kranenburg were stepping out in style for the Kingaroy State High School Year 12 formal

November 14, 2019

Kingaroy State High School’s Year 12s showed they’re more than ready to step out into the world on Thursday night … but first they had to step carefully down the red carpet into Kingaroy Town Hall.

The annual Year 12 formal attracted a sizeable crowd of well-wishers to the Glendon Street forecourt, all armed with cameras.

The students, all dressed to the nines, arrived in a collection of transport options ranging from big rigs (at least three) and super-sized 4WDs to a VW Kombi and a 1928 Model A Ford.

In between, there was the usual smattering of Chevys and Mustangs, old and new.

The girls looked fabulous – there seems to be a 1930s vibe happening in Kingaroy at present – and the boys looked, well, handsome.

Their walk down the red carpet was accompanied by a commentary by KSHS teachers Megan Binnie and Don Mengel.


Year 11 co-ordinator Megan Binnie and fellow teacher Don Mengel did the commentary as the Year 12s arrived
The arriving students were welcomed by dozens of mobile phones when they walked down the red carpet

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