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November 15, 2018

Glendon Street in Kingaroy was awash with a display of classic American cars, trucks, utes – even a speedboat – at Kingaroy State High School’s 2018 Year 12 formal on Thursday evening.

Late in the afternoon police and SES volunteers blocked off Glendon Street to ensure the arrival of the 78 vehicles ear-marked for the night went off without incident.

Spectators began filling the Town Hall forecourt not long afterwards, many eager to get a good vantage point by climbing on to walls.

The long procession of elegantly dressed students began alighting from their vehicles at 5:30pm, pausing briefly to pose for eager photographers.

After this, they strolled along a red carpet that ran the length of the forecourt through the sea of spectators, waving occasionally to friends or family members.

Considering the large number of graduates, the evening ran like a well-oiled machine.

The only hiccup occurred when one of the vehicles ferrying students stalled midway through the procession of vehicles.

There was loud cheers and laughter from the crowd when helpful spectators rushed forward to give it a push to help kick-start it back into life.

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Aiden Robe, Jude Davies, Jordan Buckley and (front) Chendrick Andambo helped usher the formal’s guests from their vehicles to the red carpet
A huge crowd gathered in the Kingaroy Town Hall Forecourt to catch a glimpse of the students and snap photos on their phones and iPads

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