Madison Weber and Adam Geiger walk down the red carpet leading to Kingaroy Town Hall

November 20, 2015

There were plenty of nervous Kingaroy State High School Year 12s on the red carpet leading to the Town Hall on Thursday evening, but the bravest surely must have been Adam Geiger.

Adam’s mother Lynda died of cancer on Monday night.

As Adam and his formal partner Madison Weber stepped out of their vehicle, a bunch of pink and yellow balloons was released in honour of Lynda.

The touching tribute was one of the highlights of the arrivals which attracted an enormous crowd to the Forecourt.

The 2015 KSHS formal was one of the biggest the Town Hall has hosted.

A parade of 88 vehicles – including a farm truck and a Tardis – delivered the students to the foot of the red carpet.

Police and SES volunteers ensured the vehicles moved through Glendon Street smoothly with no delays.

As the students moved up the red carpet, they were snapped on smart phones, iPads – and even a few cameras – by friends and family to capture “the first day of the rest of their lives”.

Pink and yellow balloons were released when Adam Geiger stepped onto the red carpet in honour of his mother Lynda, who died of cancer on Monday night
Southerland Steffensen-Grant and Kathleen Reeve looked stunning as they posed for photos
Now who could this be? Orrin Hurlbutt, complete with fez and bowtie, arrived via a Tardis (inset)
Glendon Street and the Kingaroy Town Hall forecourt were packed with spectators to welcome the Kingaroy State High School Year 12 students

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On The Red Carpet

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  1. Excellent prompt coverage of a big event in the school calendar as always SBOnline. Another night of burning the midnight oil.

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