SBRC Technical Officer Garry Perfect, Cr Roz Frohloff, SBRC Senior Recreational and Services Officer Michael Hunter, Cr Danita Potter and Tina Torrens (Kingaroy Needs A Big Peanut committee) review plans at the site of the Big Peanut on Thursday

May 27, 2021

Kingaroy residents will have noticed a large fence has sprung up in Lions Park … it means it’s almost peanut time!

Council workers have begun work on Kingaroy’s Big Peanut project and renewal of the Kingaroy Street park.

A Council spokesperson said the works will be undertaken in stages to minimise inconvenience to the public.

Initially, a plinth for the Big Peanut will be constructed.

At the same time, Lions Park will enjoy a makeover.

New pathways will be built and the existing picnic shelters will be removed and replaced with four new shelters.

A wheelchair-accessible barbecue will be installed on the southern side of the park, and the barbecue on the northern side will be refurbished and a new roof added.

The Big Peanut is a collaboration between the South Burnett Regional Council and the Kingaroy Needs A Big Peanut Committee.

The committee has been fundraising to create the Big Peanut sculpture.

Donations have come from the public as well as Bega (PCA), Crumptons Interstate and The Peanut Van.

The park works are being funded through the State Government’s Works For Queensland (W4Q) program.

The plinth is expected to be completed by June 30 but there will be a small delay before the “big reveal” of the sculpture.

After the concrete has cured, the Big Peanut sculpture will be mounted on top of the plinth.

The monument, which salutes the local peanut industry, will be about five metres tall in total.

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