Abigail Andersson … her latest project is to finally get a Big Peanut into Kingaroy

October 31, 2020

A GoFund me page organised to raise funds to create a “Big Peanut” in Kingaroy has raised more than $3000 in just four days.

The page was created by local businesswoman Abigail Andersson.

Abigail said the peanut sculpture would include cogs and gears from farming implements “representing the nuts and families that toiled and got us here”.

She said the Big Peanut would be approximately 2.5 metres tall.

“While it’s not exactly the building we had hoped for, it will be something the community owns and can move if we need to,” she said.

“However, as we celebrate 100 years of this legume being iconic to our region we hope it will be able to stand a million selfies for the next 100 years.”

Abigail said she hoped to have the nut constructed by Christmas … if 333 people all donated $30 each to make it a reality.

“$30 will get your name down in history as a nut founder,” she said.

The peanut will be crafted by metal sculptor Kano who creates large sculptures of birds and other animals by welding used pieces of metal.

Abigail was part of the committee that was trying to get a Big Peanut to Kingaroy back in 2018 as part of a national competition … unfortunately, Chinchilla won and a “Big Watermelon” was erected in Chinchilla’s Botanic Gardens (coincidentally, the Botanic Gardens were named the Park of the Year this month at the Queensland Parks and Leisure Australia Annual Awards.)

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