Committee members and Council representatives in Lions Park on Thursday morning …. from left, Tina Torrens, Kristy Board, SBRC Senior Recreational and Services Officer Michael Hunter, Cr Danita Potter, SBRC General Manager Community Peter O’May and Abigail Andersson
A suggested design for Kingaroy’s Big Peanut, incorporating donated parts (Photo: Supplied)

November 26, 2020

Members of the “Kingaroy Needs A Big Peanut” committee met South Burnett Regional councillors and Council staff on Thursday morning to discuss possible locations for a planned sculpture.

Councillors voted unanimously at Wednesday’s general meeting to support in principle the placement of a Big Peanut at Lions Park in Kingaroy Street, subject to Council’s further approval of the final proposal, including elements such as design, location, ownership and maintenance requirements.

The project will be funded by community donations but could be a key element for future planned upgrades to Lions Park by Council.

A GoFundMe page, created by Kingaroy businesswoman Abigail Andersson, has already raised almost $4000 towards the estimated $12,000 cost and further fundraising events are planned.

Fellow committee member Kristy Board said 2.5m was the “starting point” for the height of sculpture but it could be larger if more funds were raised.

The plan was for it to be created from welded metal – pieces of farm machinery or farm equipment – donated by local families to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the peanut industry.

The peanut would be crafted by metal sculptor Kano, who usually creates large sculptures of birds and other animals.

Kristy said the sculpture would be illuminated from the inside and would be accompanied by interpretative signs explaining the history of the peanut industry.

Cr Danita Potter said the sculpture would be something completely different and “grab the eye” of visitors to the town.

Kristy said the reaction so far to the project had been “really beautiful”, especially among older residents.

“It is attached to their heart strings,” she said.

After examining various locations in Lions Park, the committee and Council representatives agreed that the site of the current barbecue area was the most suitable location – it was away from overhead powerlines but there was underground power available.

The barbecue could be moved to a different position in the park.

It was suggested the sculpture be erected on a 1.8m high plinth to discourage children attempting to climb it, but no final decision has yet been made.

The committee will now have discussions with the sculptor and Council engineers.

* * *

A free sausage sizzle will be held at Andersson’s Fruit Market in Markwell Street from 7:00am to 11:00am on Saturday, December 5, so members of the public can learn more about the Big Peanut project.

Abigail invited people to bring along small steel parts to be incorporated into the sculpture: embossed pieces (such as tractor badges), bolts, chains, cogs etc.

Kristy said the “stories” attached to the donations would also be collected so future generations could learn about the people who had made the donations.

Donations would also be accepted on the day towards the overall cost of the project.

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Committee member Tina Torrens takes notes after discussions with SBRC’s Michael Hunter
The barbecue area, left, which has been suggested as the perfect location for the Big Peanut
Committee members and Council representatives at the barbecue …. from left, Tina Torrens, Kristy Board, Abigail Andersson, SBRC Technical Officer Garry Perfect, Cr Kathy Duff, SBRC’s Michael Hunter and Cr Danita Potter

Anderssons Fruit Market for quality fruits and vegetables


4 Responses to "Council Supports Big Peanut Plan"

  1. I am in total agreement with Kingaroy having “a big peanut” on display but my preferred choice of location is at O’Neill Square near the peanut silos and en route to the Visitor Information Centre. There is a lot of history in this particular area which I’m sure would interest tourists. That said, I am willing to volunteer my time with any fundraising events should you need the assistance.

  2. Thanks Julie! As Lions Park already has a caravan dump point and we hope to capture the ‘travellers’ and after much community consultation we hope our community will love this nut however we are more than happy for more nuts to appear at other parks!

  3. Personally from what l have seen of the big peanut plans, it looks like it’s going to be a repeat of Melbourne’s yellow peril. It’s going to look ugly, so l guess Kingaroy will be remembered for that. The design is horrid. I have spoken to a few people and they feel the same

  4. You have picked the perfect spot! Ideally the Peanut Van should also be located in the park, it has parking available and isn’t right on the corner of a busy road. There is plenty of space along the edge of the park to create extra parking – all together this could be a great little tourism spot.

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