Big Peanut statue supporter Bernie Hansen donated $30 towards the project on Saturday morning, much to the delight of committee member Abigail Andersson

December 7, 2020

The “Kingaroy Needs A Big Peanut” committee will be launching collection tins – or more precisely, collection pigs – very soon to help them reach their funding goal.

On Saturday, committee members held a sausage sizzle outside Andersson’s Fruit Market in Kingaroy as part of their fundraising drive to build a Big Peanut statue.

During the past month the group have raised roughly one-third of their $12,000 target through a GoFundMe page set up for the purpose.

And on Saturday – as they happily accepted more donations for the project from a steady stream of passers-by – they unveiled the next step in their plans.

“We want to put collection tins in South Burnett businesses so people can drop their loose change into them,” committee member Abigail Andersson said.

“It might be 10c or 20c or 50c … but over time, all those little coins can add up to something really big.”

To distinguish their campaign, the committee plans to use porcelain pigs rather than tins … providing, of course, that they can find enough porcelain pigs to go around.

The reason?

“The pigs can promote BaconFest as well as the Big Peanut … and besides, they’re prettier than tins.”

Abigail said the budget for the statue might need to expand a bit beyond its original $12,000 estimate because the group forgot to include Council building permit fees in their budget.

Abigail said Council had been very helpful with the project; Council officers had found a good spot in Lions Park to put the statue, and would do the necessary work to get it properly positioned when it was ready.

“However, we need to cover some building permit fees, so we have to add that to our fundraising target,” she said.

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