The steel frame for the Big Peanut in Kano’s workshop near Grafton (Photo: Kano)
Parts are being added but Kano is looking for more local donations to give the Big Peanut more meaning (Photo: Kano)

February 8, 2021

Kingaroy’s Big Peanut is rapidly taking shape in artist Kano’s workshop, but he still needs parts from South Burnett residents to help make it “more special”.

Kano told the peanut was about 40-50 per cent finished but he would like more donations of small parts from local residents to give the sculpture more meaning.

He’s looking for items, preferably made from steel, that are a maximum of 7-10cm wide and 50-60cm long.

“They can’t be too wide. But even smaller stuff would be great. Old wheels look great,” he said.

“The older it is, the better it’s going to look at the end of the day.”

The idea is that the peanut will contain items that mean something to local residents or represent farms in the area.

They are being welded inside a steel peanut shape which has already been created. This steel frame will eventually rust to match the condition of the items which are being added inside.

Kingaroy businesswoman Abigail Andersson, who is the driving force behind the Big Peanut project, said donated items could be dropped off at Andersson’s Fruit Market in Markwell Street, Kingaroy.

Cash donations to help finish the project can also be dropped off at the shop or made online on the project’s GoFundMe page

Abigail admitted that funding to complete the project would be tight but she hoped that some of the associated engineering costs would either be “a freebie or close to free”.

However, if people wanted to be a part of history, their donations must be received during the next two weeks.

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