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Council Closes Toilet Blocks

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Toilet blocks at rest stops and other locations throughout the South Burnett have been closed

April 1, 2020

Public toilet blocks at various locations throughout the South Burnett have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Council spokesperson said the decision was in line with a Queensland Health directive, “Closure Direction (No.4)”.

“The closures have been implemented in areas closely located to playground and camping areas in an effort to reduce activity in the area and limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19,” the spokesperson said.

“With the health and safety of our community remaining paramount, Council is encouraging community members to ensure proper social distancing is maintained.”

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2 Responses to Council Closes Toilet Blocks

  1. Disgruntled

    Hey, is this an April Fools joke or what?? One would have thought that all people would have kept their social distances at these places, virus or not! Blimey, I’ve never seen anyone going hand in hand into a dunny. This sounds a bit like some years ago when a local councillor wanted a rest area shut because of suspected nefarious activities, blimey I wonder what gave him that idea??

    Actually I would have thought that everyone needing to use this type of facility would have given great regard to avoiding germs at ALL times, pre, during and post-Covid.

    Hey, when yer gotta go yer gotta go and where do yer go eh?

    Oh, and if this is correct, then a good deal of advice on what to do would be appreciated and expected as well as advice on WHERE to go to do it.

    • News Desk

      Firstly, Council said it was shutting the facilities near playgrounds and camping grounds to stop encouraging people from hanging around the playgrounds and free camping grounds (which are closed anyway). Secondly, you’re not supposed to be out and about. You’re supposed to be at home (where there is a toilet) or at work (where there is a toilet) or ducking in and out of the shops as quickly as possible (go before you leave home?).

      Practically, trying to keep the virus off metal surfaces such as taps, sinks and playground equipment – where it can survive for a long time – would also be a near-impossible job for the health authorities.

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