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Meet The New Kid In Kingaroy

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Burnett Ulysses members Russell Barbour and Col Parker, LAC president John Box (at rear), and Taabinga Rotary members Darryl Roberts and Darrin Kefford ... and the MegaCode Kid

May 31, 2017

Kingaroy ambulance paramedics can now practise their life-saving skills on a life-size child simulator following generous donations from the public.

The Local Ambulance Committee began fund-raising to buy a MegaCode Kid in August last year.

LAC chairman John Box said the Kingaroy Ambulance Station had two adult-size simulators, but the paramedics also were keen to practise the different set of skills needed for treating children.

The computerised MegaCode Kid cost about $11,000 and will always remain at Kingaroy Ambulance Station.

Paramedics can stick needles into him, defibrillate his “heart”, check blood pressure, provide CPR and advanced cardiac life support, insert drips and use airway devices.

A barbecue was hosted at the Ambulance Station recently by QAS staff as part of Volunteer Appreciation Week to thank the LAC members for all their support, and to thank the Taabinga Rotary and the Burnett Ulysses clubs for their generous donations towards the MegaCode Kid project.

Taabinga Rotary donated $3000 from the proceeds of their annual Bookarama to the cause, while Ulysses Club members raised $500.

Ambulance personnel from other stations in the South Burnett will be invited to take part in training sessions with the MegaCode Kid in Kingaroy.

Taabinga Rotary and Ulysses members gather around as Kingaroy Ambulance officer-in-charge Travis Cramb demonstrates how the MegaCode kid works

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  1. John Box

    Thanks to the support of Community and Service Clubs our Kingaroy Local Ambulance Committee can provide the latest, state of the art training equipment for our Paramedics so they can provide the best possible pre hospital, emergency care for our South Burnett Community

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