Artist Robyn Dower with the “grandfather” farmer figure … friends of her husband Russell may recognise the body shape, if not the head!

October 12, 2023

It’s been a week for murals in Kingaroy! First the Westlink truck mural was unveiled in Haly Street, and now a bright, new artwork is at the Kingaroy Visitor Information Centre.

Tingoora artist Robyn Dower was engaged by the South Burnett Regional Council to paint a mural on a blank rear wall of the VIC.

She opted for a “generational farming” theme, featuring a grandfather, resting on old farm machinery, watching his grandkids as peanuts and corn crops stretch into the distance.

Robyn helped out on the final stages of Joel Fergie’s mural in the Hector Munro alleyway in Kingaroy earlier this year, but this is the first full mural she has completed by herself.

In the past, she has provided “cut out” artworks to decorate the walls of the Wondai Regional Art Gallery and to mark 100 years of peanut harvesting for the Kingaroy Museum.

She said her latest work was based on five photos and included the body shape of her husband, Russell, and a piece of old farm machinery from their garden.

South Burnett councillors joined Council staff and VIC volunteers for the official launch of the artwork on Wednesday.

“Thank you to Robyn for this absolutely fabulous work,” Cr Jane Erkens said.

“How lucky are we that we have such talented artists in our region that we can get such a thing.”

Robyn admitted the mural was a lot harder to complete than she had expected, but it has not deterred her from further projects.

“It was really nice as a local artist to have this opportunity,” Robyn said.

“It was a physical thing to do, standing all day, but Joel gave me some tips.”

She expects her next project will be another mural, but this time painted on panels for a local support service.

South Burnett councillors joined Council staff and VIC volunteers at the mural launch
The mural stretches along a rear wall of the Visitor Information Centre but is under cover



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  1. I also took the time to stop and view this masterpiece and take photos. Again, what a talented artist and to have Robyn living locally, is greatly appreciated.

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