Old-style “road closed” signs had to be taken to the site and unloaded; the new signs will simply be unfolded

May 2, 2024

South Burnett Regional Council is installing permanent flood warning signs to alert drivers near high-risk trouble-spots.

The first of the fold-down signs have been erected in the northern part of the region, with more to be put up in the central and southern parts over the next few months.

Council hopes to complete the project by June 30.

The permanent signs will help Council’s roads team respond more quickly to road closures during heavy rain as they will not have to load as many advance warning signs on to vehicles.

The new signs, when unfolded, will read “Water Over Road” and “Road Closed Ahead Due To Flooding”.

“When people need to be rescued from floodwaters, it can be very distressing for everyone involved, including emergency response teams who place themselves at risk,” South Burnett Local Disaster Management Group chair Deputy Mayor Danita Potter said.

“The signs are one way of making the public aware of water over roads.

“However – as we all know – flash flooding can occur quickly and without warning.

*Road closures due to flash flooding may not always have a sign enabled and it may also not appear on Council’s Disaster Dashboard.

“Remember, always drive to the conditions and if it’s flooded, forget it.”

The signage project has been jointly funded by the Federal and State governments.

The new signs are permanent and can be opened by Council workers when required (Photos: SBRC)


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