Two fire trucks and a tractor at Maidenwell on Monday … more than 25 fire crews and at least 50 firefighters were in action throughout the day

November 23, 2020

Fire crews battled to contain a large fire burning in rough terrain at Maidenwell on Monday.

The fire – which has flared up several times since it was first reported near Coomba Falls last week – burst into new life on Monday morning, sending plumes of smoke into the air and sparking alarm among some local  residents.

Two fixed-wing waterbombers and two waterbombing helicopters (helitacks) were called in to target the blaze, which was spreading from Tanduringie Creek in inaccessible country.

They were joined by a spotter aircraft which was directing fire crews on the ground and in the air.

Heavy earthmoving equipment was used to clear firebreaks and strengthen containment lines.

At 1:00pm, there were still 23 fire crews at the incident with firefighters working to ensure the blaze did not get into the nearby forestry.

A QFES spokesperson said no properties were under threat.

By 6:00pm, the fire had been contained but patrols were planned well into the evening and would continue on Tuesday.

The total area burned since the fire started last week has been estimated at about 120ha.

The risk of fires in the Wide Bay Burnett and Darling Downs regions is currently listed as “Very High”, a situation that will remain in place at least until Tuesday.

Campers should be especially careful. Camp fires should not be left unattended and should be extinguished using water.


Grasstrees burning near Coomba Waterhole at the weekend (Photo: James McKenzie)
A blackened hillside at Maidenwell with hundreds of charred grass trees after the fire swept through (Photo: Supplied)
QAS paramedics on standby if needed at Maidenwell on Monday (Photo: Supplied)
A waterbomber gets refilled at Kingaroy Airport with water and foam (Photo: Supplied)

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One Response to "Firefighters Battle Maidenwell Blaze"

  1. Ronald Sampson  November 24, 2020

    This fire was not a case of spontaneous combustion nor was it caused by a fire-breathing dragon that escaped from Coomba Waterhole. it was caused by careless or deliberate action of some person. We must be grateful we have so many volunteers willing to give up their time in sweltering conditions to fight fires wherever they occur.


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