Senior Oral Health Therapist Natalie Brown teaching the children at Mother Kate’s Childcare in Wondai the correct brushing techniques (Photo: DDHHS)

June 12, 2019

Darling Downs Health South Burnett staff at Murgon and Wondai have been promoting healthy smiles to local children.

They have been helping children aged six and under learn how to take correct care of their teeth.

Clinical Child Health Nurse Amy Innes came up with the idea after speaking to a parent who was concerned about what oral care she should be teaching her child.

“Good habits start early in life and strong teeth are very important to a child’s health,” Ms Innes said.

Senior Oral Health Therapist Natalie Brown held education sessions at Murgon Library and Mother Kate’s Childcare in Wondai.

“I explained the importance of healthy eating and correctly brushing their teeth,” Ms Brown said.

“I asked the children to demonstrate on the puppet teeth model how they brush their teeth and when needed corrected their technique.”

She also asked the children to divide different foods into groups of “every day” and “moderation” consumption.

When foods were put into the wrong groups, Ms Brown corrected and explained why the foods were placed in the incorrect group.

“I also taught the importance of healthy drinking and explained what drinks are bad for their teeth,” Ms Brown said.

Ms Innes said the sessions had been a great success.

“The parents and children had heaps of questions to ask it was fantastic,” she said.

Another session will be held later this year to reinforce the healthy behaviours taught in the initial sessions.

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