Tracy Alquist … community meeting

June 12, 2019

A community meeting will be held in Nanango next week to discuss the formation of a mental health peer support group in the town.

The meeting will be held from noon on Tuesday (June 18) at Rapid Fitness in Railway Parade.

It is being organised by local resident Tracy Ahlquist, a qualified counsellor.

The plan is for the group to become one of the “Empower Our Communities” programs which are currently running at Rapid Fitness.

“We did an informal consultation on Facebook to see if there were any other groups of this type in Nanango, and there isn’t,” Tracy said.

“A huge number of people responded saying there was a need in the community for it, and half of these said they would be interested in coming along.”

Tracy said the plan was to hold one-hour weekly meetings run with the help of a roster of volunteer facilitators who have related qualifications.

Everyone was welcome to come along to the community meeting, as well as people interested in helping.

“If you would like to support Nanango’s mental health community by becoming a volunteer facilitator, please come along and register your interest,” Tracy said.

The community meeting would decide when the group would meet and what it would be called.

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