An overview of the proposed coal rail link from Kingaroy (more detailed maps are included in the PDF link at the end of our report)

August 24, 2018

The Kingaroy Concerned Citizens Group says 174 South Burnett landholders – and 323 parcels of land – would be directly affected if Moreton Resources’ proposed coal rail line goes ahead.

The KCCG recently gained access to various documents from the State Government under Right To Information processes.

The documents include maps which show in more precise detail the rail route proposed to take coal from Kingaroy (if the mine goes ahead) to the coast.

The route mostly shadows the former Kingaroy-Theebine rail line, now being used as the recreational South Burnett Rail Trail.

KCCG spokesman John Dalton said although towns would be spared having a coal train through their main town streets, the surrounding areas would be hardest hit with the proposed route passing through many privately owned properties.

“It is the responsibility of the proponent, Moreton Resources, to engage with affected landholders in a proactive manner, and inform them of the likely impacts of coal project,” Mr Dalton said.

“This does not seem to be happening in the case of both the mine site itself or the coal rail line.”

Neil Hutton, who lives in Wessling Road at Wondai, said the proposed coal rail line would pass just a few hundred metres from his house.

He believes the noise and dust would be devastating.

“We would be unable to continue living here if the proposed coal rail line went ahead,” he said.

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  1. Who is going to pay for the resumption of land, the construction and maintenance of said proposed railway line? I doubt that either the State or Federal Governments would contribute given the ever-increasing massive debts they both have. Perhaps it could be Australia’s richest miner?? 🤔

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