FLASHBACK: One of  Moreton Resources’ three drilling sites near Kingaroy (Photo:  MRV)

April 12, 2018

Moreton Resources – the company hoping to develop an open-cut coal mine on the outskirts of Kingaroy – has pushed back the date for its Environmental Impact Statement for the project.

In a statement to the ASX on Thursday, Moreton said that because of “significant positive advancements”, it was likely to extend its deliverable date of the EIS for public comment and submission to the Office of the Coordinator-General to the July-September quarter this year.

It said the company was considering an “internal review of its substantially completed EIS as recent positive results of the drilling program will, in fact, have a material effect on the EIS outcome”.

The statement also said significant industry consultation was being undertaken in relation to the project.

“We continue to advance this project at a rapid pace, however with the continuing increase in prospectively (sic) around our potential final product, significant workshops and industry consultation is being undertaken to determine the best way forward for this potential asset for not only mining and marketing, but also transportation of the final product,” the statement continued.

Moreton Resources had originally said it hoped to have the EIS ready for public consultation in early 2018.

Thursday’s statement to the ASX was accompanied by an analysis of data presented in March examining the quality of coal at the proposed mine site, assessed from three test drill holes.

“Coal qualities of exceptionally high energy and low impurities exceed expectations, with three-cored holes returning excellent results,” the statement said.

This “reinforces the high potential of a final product and yield, from a selective mining approach”.

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