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Miracle Night At Kingaroy Carnival

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Santa Claus and his helpers arrived at Kingaroy's Christmas Carnival on a fire engine

December 16, 2017

A miracle occurred in Kingaroy Street on Thursday night … it didn’t rain!

Kingaroy’s annual Christmas Carnival, which is always held on the second Thursday in December, has a well-deserved reputation for attracting storm clouds.

And after Murgon’s Christmas Fair was washed out a week before, the Kingaroy organisers knew anything was possible.

But a bright blue sky greeted earlybirds to the festival and the warm evening under the stars proved equally welcoming.

Santa Claus arrived on cue in a Kingaroy fire engine and was immediately swamped by young fans.

Many then took the opportunity to have their photo taken with him in the big red throne placed in the old Railway Station’s waiting area.

There was a busy program of activities nearby on the O’Neill Square stage, compered by Damian Corkett, from 10.71 4SB.

Youngsters from the Ally Walker Dance Academy performed a range of energetic dances choreographed to popular Christmas songs.

Young singer Riley Slatter then took over the microphone. Riley, who earlier this year was invited to participate in a workshop with the King’s Singers in London, shared more Christmas songs with the crowd.

He was followed by more well-known local performers: Two duos, MISfITZ (Rob and Clare Fitz-Herbert) and Tucker and Chop (Darren Schmidt and Glen Lumsden); and Kingaroy singer Erica Henderson.

The evening finished with performances by Jeff “Elvis” Hancox and Natalie Fenton.

Down in Kingaroy Street, Corky and Shaz from CROW-FM were keeping a running commentary going for the crowds; the Rotary Ham Wheel was spinning and QCWA volunteers were helping children to make Arrowroot biscuit snowmen (snowpeople?)

The showground rides in both Haly Street and Kingaroy Street were as popular as ever, with volunteers – including Mayor Keith Campbell and his wife Marion – selling tickets.

The Kingaroy Christmas Carnival was organised again by a small bunch of enthusiastic – if now exhausted – volunteers.

Committee president Craig Lucas told that more helpers would always be welcome to join the committee.

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Kingaroy QCWA members Janelle Reeves, Patricia Magee and Lois Thurecht were busy teaching children how to make Arrowroot snowmen

Kingaroy Rotary's Wayne Bushell showed ticket buyers what the Rotary Club's Ham Wheel was really all about ...

... while Christmas elf Michelle Wilson, from Brisbane, chatted with Carnival announcer Shaz Birkett from CROW-FM

South Burnett Mayor Keith Campbell celebrated his birthday selling amusement ride tickets at the Christmas Carnival alongside his wife Marion

Riley Slatter performed a selection of popular Christmas songs

Rob Fitz-Herbert, Chop and Tucker McCray chatted with Rob's wife, Clare

Ally Walker Dance Academy students put on energetic performances on stage

Three of the Ally Walker Dance Academy's senior students

The CROW-FM team (Chris "Corky" Corcoran, Denise Keelan and Shaz Birkett) kept the Carnival's atmosphere upbeat all evening

Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff waited patiently for a ride in a pink cup

Christmas Carnival organisers Deb Dennien, Maurie Freeman, Jason Ford and Cr Danita Potter took a well-earned breather while they waited for the rest of the team to assemble for a rare group photo with Santa Claus

Members of the South Burnett Community Orchestra's Wind Ensemble played Christmas carols on the footpath to appreciative passers-by

The Christmas Carnival organising committee finally got their chance to pose with Santa Claus towards the end of the night

Father Christmas was mobbed as he walked through the crowd on Thursday night

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2 Responses to Miracle Night At Kingaroy Carnival

  1. What a great write-up. We missed it this year due to ill-health and were so disappointed. Well done to all the volunteers and organisers, who I know work tirelessly to keep this event going each year. It really is a lovely community event.

  2. RogerC

    Was a great night. Could just be my distaste for large crowds but if it is at all possible I would like to see it held over a larger stretch of road just to help thin things out a little. It was a little distressing for some of the grandkids being surrounded and knocked around by so many people in small area.

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