Amanda Haddrick and Marty Hull … part of the friendly team on the Total Kitchen Worx stand

May 2, 2012

Exhibition skills trainer Ron McDermott cast an experienced eye over the stands at the recent South Burnett Exposed business expo in Kingaroy to assess exactly how they measured up.

McDermott makes a living by coaching businesses how to correctly present their exhibition spaces so they can get their point across.

Over the past 12 months he has presented SMART Exhibiting seminars in the South Burnett through DEEDI and the local tourism organisation.

He judged the stalls at the expo on the following criteria:

  • Does my exhibit communicate who I am, what I do and what’s on offer – with simplicity?
  • Does my exhibit stand out from the crowd? Have I utilised colour height, movement and engaged the senses?
  • Is there sufficient exhibit space to engage my visitors?
  • Am I handling promotional products or special offers skillfully?
  • Am I offering new ideas, products or experiences?
  • Am I dressed for success?
  • Am I effectively reaching out and relating to my visitors?
  • Am I presenting a compelling, memorable message?
  • Am I recording leads, sales or other outcomes properly?
Full Results:
Best in Show “Exhibit Design” – Total Kitchen Worx
Runner-Up – BIEDO
Runner-Up – Seng’s Sales & Service


Best in Show “Promotion Activities” – RHealth – Healthy Communities Program
Runner-Up – South Burnett Garage Doors


Best in Show “Visitor Engagement” – Expresso Mobile Coffee  / Total Kitchen Worx (equal winners)


The Total Kitchen Worx stand was praised by Ron McDermott for its design and visitor engagement

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