South Burnett artist Tiana Justine took home the $3000 top prize at the 2023 South Burnett Acquisitive competition at Wondai Regional Art Gallery

October 16, 2023

Artists shared an amazing $8500 in total prize money at the 2023 South Burnett Acquisitive art competition, hosted by the Wondai Regional Art Gallery recently.

Prizes are allocated in nine categories, with the overall winner taking out the $3000 top prize, the South Burnett Regional Council Acquisitive Award.

Photographs secured the main prize over the past two years, but this year a more traditional artwork won the top spot.

“Burnett River” by South Burnett artist Tiana Justine depicted the river overlaid with a hand-drawn map

The judge’s comments:

A work that drew me in, wanting to know more, read labels, and then the delightful watercolour complementing the words. The reversed map overlaying the scene looks to a past history and when maps were hand-drawn, giving more details than modern maps eg. “good soil” and “scrubby range”. The map is an artwork on its own.

Tiana’s painting will now be added to the South Burnett Regional Council’s permanent collection.

The opening night, on October 6, was very well attended with artists eager to learn if they had shared in any of the prize money on offer.

Sponsors included the South Burnett Regional Council, Wondai businesses, Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council, Bendigo Bank and local politicians.

  • Entries in this year’s South Burnett Acquisitive will remain on display at the Wondai Regional Art Gallery from 10:00am to 4:00pm daily until the end of the month.
Toni Phillips-Petersen with her glass-based artwork, top right
Ruby and Robert Kuhrt, from Wondai, chatted with Hec Dionysius, also from Wondai, over supper
Linda Gilday,  from the Glasshouse Mountains with her sisters Kay Gorring, Morayfield, and Julia Jeffs, Gold Coast
Kingaroy artist Anna Aird and her husband Geoff with their daughter Susan Robertson, centre
Rosalind Rewald and Bevan and Marie Routledge came from Murgon for the opening night celebrations
Sabrina and Dianne Hodges, from Tingoora, were enjoying the opening night

* * *

Competition Winners

Acting Mayor Gavin Jones presented the $3000 South Burnett Regional Council prize to South Burnett artist Tiana Justine for her work, “Burnett River”
Gallery curator Elaine Madill presented the $50 Packer’s Prize (voted on by the hanging team) and the $100 People’s Choice award (voted on by attendees at opening night) to Amy Wood for “The Juggle Is Real”

Australian Poetry Section: Liz Nicholson, sponsors Wondai Country Running Festival, with Linda Gilday (Commended)

Australian Poetry Section: Kay Gorring
(Highly Commended)

Australian Poetry Section: John Dalton (2nd)

Australian Poetry Section: Chris Blake (1st)
South Burnett Residents Section:  Karen Chambers, from sponsors Wondai Lions, and Sophie Angel and Amalia, from sponsors Ivy lane Hair Studio, with Tiana Justine (Commended)
South Burnett Residents Section: Elizabeth Greensill (Highly Commended)
South Burnett Residents Section: Kodi Sharp (2nd)
South Burnett Residents Section: John Dalton (1st)
Open Indigenous Art Section: Cherbourg Council CEO Chatur Zala, from sponsors CASC, and his wife Beena, right, with Margaret Taylor (Highly Commended)
Open Indigenous Art Section: Toni Phillips-Petersen (2nd)
Open Indigenous Art Section: Karen Klumm Richardsen (1st)
Sculpture & Ceramics Section: Harley, Sherree, Olly and Daley Raffin, from sponsors Raffin Electrical, and Belinda Pennell (representing sponsor Senator James McGrath) with Linda Staines (Commended)
Sculpture & Ceramics Section: Linda Gilday (Highly Commended)
Sculpture and Ceramics Section: Cody Woodall (2nd)
Sculpture and Ceramics Section: Pam McAlister accepted on behalf of Carol Foster (1st)
Photography Section: Ruby and Robert Kuhrt, from sponsors Parkside, with Karen Klumm Richardsen (Commended), centre
Photography Section: Katarina O’Shannessy (Highly Commended)
Photography Section: Carl Hogg (2nd)
Photography Section: John Dalton (1st)

Any Other Medium Section: Sponsor Leanne Krosch with Katrina O’Shannessy (Commended)

Any Other Medium Section: Cherry Carroll (Highly Commended)

Any Other Medium Section: Pam McAllister
accepted on behalf of
Carmel Birchley (1st)

Watercolour Section: Belinda Pennell, representing sponsors Deb Frecklington and Colin Boyce, with
Elizabeth Greensill (Highly Commended)
Pastel Section: Gaye and Andrew Hobbs, from sponsors Hobbs & Associates, with Elizabeth Greensill who accepted on behalf of Helen Richards (Highly Commended)
Pastel Section: Cherry Carroll (2nd)
Pastel Section: Karol Oakley (1st)

Watercolour Section: Belinda Pennell, for sponsors Deb Frecklington and Colin Boyce, with Sue Lederhose (2nd)

Watercolour Section: Pam McAllister accepted on behalf of Colleen Helmore (1st)

Oil & Acrylic Section: Cr Kathy Duff, on behalf of sponsor Bendigo Bank, with Chris Blake (Commended)

Oil & Acrylic Section:
Amy Wood (Highly Commended)

Oil & Acrylic Section: Karol Oakley (2nd)

Oil & Acrylic Section: Robyn Dower (1st)
After the presentations, the competition winners gathered with local councillor Kathy Duff and Scott Henschen, Acting Mayor Gavin Jones and gallery curator Elaine Madill for a group photo



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