Cr Leighton Costello, CEO Chatur Zala and Deputy Mayor Tom Langton … gloves were off once they were on the field, although Zala did mutter something about wages

July 11, 2023

The International Legends of League returned to Cherbourg on Saturday for another 60 minutes of on-field mayhem which left everyone – including the ref! – laughing.

The Australian Legends – ie. a string of former NRL stars – took on the Cherbourg Hornets All Stars in the family fun free-for-all.

The Legends eventually came out on top (52-40, we think) in a tussle that included players tackling their own team-mates, a ball boy kicking conversions and another lad being shepherded to the line to score.

Referee Brenna Prendergast was given the task of trying to keep control of the craziness but with players of the stature (and reputation) of  John Hopoate running around, there wasn’t much she could do.

The game was played in two 30-minute halves, with no scrums and few of the rules that NRL fans would recognise.

The big day at Cherbourg began with three regular A Grade games (see separate report) but then the fun began, with Cherbourg Elders looking on as guests for NAIDOC Week.

There was dancing by the Wakka Wakka Dancers and a special appearance by Broncos star Selwyn Cobbo, who did a celebrity kick-off.

The fun was livestreamed by Cherbourg Radio on air and on Facebook.

After the game, the Australian Legends’ jerseys were auctioned off and there were plenty of opportunities for selfies with the stars.

Team Lists:

Australian Legends: Reggie Cressbrook, Milton Thaiday, Paul Carige, Chase Stanley, John Hopoate, Cliff Lyons (c), Stu Kelly, Ben Hannant, Leo Dynevor, Sam Thaiday, Scott Hill, Peter Gill, Greg Bird, Terry Matterson, Steve Lacey, Daniel Cobbo, Jim Adcock, Chatur Zala and Craig Teevan

Cherbourg Hornets All Stars: Daniel Henry, Sean Fisher, Mark Saltner, Willie Tonga, Charlie Bond, Rick Bird, Bernard Hopkins, Keith Gadd, Jeffrey Dynevor, Shamus Cobbo, Ronald Saltner, Ian Saltner, Justin Prior, Trevor Davidson, Kevin Saltner, Cain Bond, Tom Langton, Gavin Duncan, Charlie Speedy, Derek Gadd, Lindsay Bligh, Leighton Costello, Gene Barrett, Tyrone Murray, Mike Bird and Brendan Saltner.  (Unfortunately, Neil Stanley, who is still playing A Grade at the age of 49, was injured in the earlier Murgon Mustangs game.)

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Former Cherbourg Mayor Arnold Murray welcomed everyone to Cherbourg and led a minute’s silence for recent sorry business in the community
Cherbourg Hornets All Stars bowed their heads during the minute’s silence
The most suspended player in NRL history … John Hopoate, with fingers bound for “safety”, greets the Cherbourg All Stars team members
The Australian Legends gather before the start of the game
The combined Australian Legends and Cherbourg Hornets All Stars teams
A barefoot star in action … Broncos and Maroons winger Selwyn Cobbo kicked off the charity game between the Australian Legends and Hornets All Stars
We’re not alleging funny business or anything … but the State manager for major sponsor Rebel Sport, Steve Lacey, was the top scorer for the Australian Legends side
The International Legends of League event attracted a good crowd to Cherbourg’s Jack O’Chin Oval … they enjoyed a full day of South Burnett football before the crazy Legends event kicked off at 3:00pm

* * *

Wakka Wakka Dancers

The Wakka Wakka Dancers performed for the players and the crowd in a light-hearted display before the start of the game.

Some of the Cherbourg All Stars even joined in, wearing their jerseys.

There was laughter all round when Charlie Bond did a play dance, complete with a rugby league football!

* * *

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