Cherbourg Connections drew 10-all with Cherbourg United in the Men’s Final of the carnival … the players and supporters joined together in a rousing rendition of “Cherbourg Boy” at the end of the game
Jason and Deb Frecklington …. the Opposition Leader presented the Australian Legends with their jerseys

February 14, 2020

Old footballers never die … they just keep on lacing up their boots and having fun on the field.

The second International Legends of League match played at Cherbourg last weekend proved the old boys still have what it takes to toss the ball around and score tries.

The Australian Legends who took to the field boasted Australian, State of Origin and NRL players: Bryan Niebling, Leo Dynevor, John Hopoate, Cliff Lyons, Ben Hannant, Kevin Campion, Sid Domic, Terry Matterson, Craig Teevan, Noel Goldthorpe, Peter Gill, Scott Hill and Brent Webb.

The Hornets’ Legends also included many familiar faces – both from recent years, and years gone by: Danny Weazel, Charlie Bond, Victor Alberts, Shamus Cobbo, Daniel Henry, Patrick Murray, Lindsay Bligh, Gene Barrett, Charlie Speedy, Ronald Saltner, Lawrence Dalton, Tom Langton (c), Justin Prior, Bernard Hopkins, Duncan Weazel, Kevin Langton, George Langton, Brendan Saltner, Derek Georgetown, Keith Gadd, William Georgetown, Patrick Williams, Shaun Fisher, Peter Carlo, James Saltner and Joe Sullivan.

There were also some ring-ins in both teams – for example, Cherbourg CEO Chatur Zala and Murgon businessman Mark Smith – but we didn’t see them cross for any tries!

Local MP Deb Frecklington presented the Australian team with their jerseys but admitted she was barracking for the Hornets.

She also had some words of advice: “You’re not as young as you used to be so look out for each other!”

These words were mostly heeded by the veterans on the field but there were still some heavy tackles to be seen (and heard).

For the record, the Australian Legends defeated the Cherbourg Legends 34-32 in what turned out to be a close game (see the Gallery of photos, below)

Unlike last year’s Legends game, for which Rafferty wrote the rules, this year’s game was recognisably rugby league … and no one tackled the referee Arch Early!

The Legends game, played under lights, was the highlight of a two-day carnival of league played at Jack O’Chin Oval which featured men’s and women’s games between Cherbourg and visiting teams.

All the results are below plus more photos from the lead-up games, semis and finals.

A good crowd turned out for both days of football and mostly stayed despite some dodgy weather.

Rain fell on both days but didn’t disrupt play, however a sudden squall on Saturday afternoon and a burst of heavy rain sent spectators scurrying for shelter and some portable gazebos flying.

Cherbourg Mayor Arnold Murray told he was happy with the crowd attendance.

The games were also broadcast live on local Cherbourg Radio 94.1FM.

[Photos by, Denise Keelan and Cherbourg Radio]

The Australian Legends Of League … that’s John Hopoate giving the finger,  of course
(Photo: Denise Keelan Photography)
Frank Malone with the Hornets Legends (Photo: Denise Keelan Photography)
Warry John Stanley had the right idea when the rain arrived!
As the storm blew in to Jack O’Chin Oval, several small gazebos were tossed about

* * *

Legends of League Gallery 

* * *

Cherbourg Carnival Results

Cherbourg United and Cherbourg Connections paused for a minute’s silence before the Men’s Final to focus attention on the problem of domestic violence


  • Woorabinda Warriors 24  def. Bundaberg Eels 8
  • Cherbourg United 16 def. Brisbane Natives 6
  • Cherbourg Connections 26 def. Brothers United 10
  • Brisbane Natives 38 def. Bundaberg Eels 6
  • Brothers United 28 def. Woorabinda Warriors 12
  • Cherbourg United 19 def. Cherbourg Connections 18
  • Brisbane Natives 24 def. Woorabinda Warriors 14
  • Brothers United 12 def. Cherbourg United 10
  • Cherbourg Connections 52 def. Bundaberg Eels 6

Men’s Semi-Finals

  • Cherbourg Connections 23 def. Brothers United 6
    (Cherbourg Connections through to the Final)
  • Cherbourg United drew 12-all with Brisbane Natives
    (because Cherbourg United scored first, they went through to the Final)

Men’s Final

  • Cherbourg Connections drew 10-all with Cherbourg United
Cherbourg United and Brisbane Natives pose together after their semi-final draw

* * *


  • Coastal Connections 22 def. Hornettes 6
  • Brisbane Natives 24 def. Hornettes 0
  • Coastal Connections drew 10-all with Brisbane Natives
    (Coastal Connections went through to the Final)

Women’s Semi-Final

  • Brisbane Natives 30 def. Hornettes 6
    (Brisbane Natives through to the Final)

Women’s Final

  • Brisbane Natives 16 def. Coastal Connections 6
Brisbane Natives defeated Coastal Connections (white jerseys) in the Women’s final (Photo: Denise Keelan Photography)

* * *

More Photos …

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