Murgon State High School is one of three South Burnett schools to receive one of the new “FlexiSpaces”

May 1, 2024

Cherbourg State School and Nanango and Murgon State High Schools are among 34 schools across Queensland to get new “FlexiSpaces” to help students stay engaged.

The schools were named on Wednesday.

A government spokesperson said the FlexiSpaces were a place in a school where students who were facing challenges in a normal schooling environment could be supported to stay engaged while still being able to stay at school with their friends.

The aim was to eventually get them back into a mainstream class.

“We know that mainstream classrooms aren’t always the best places for all students,” the spokesperson said.

“This program is about giving kids and teachers the help and resources they need, in a way that is most suited to way they can learn.

“FlexiSpaces are not only about supporting students; they are a recognition that those students can often be quite challenging for teachers.

“Taking them out of the mainstream classroom allows teachers to cater to all students more effectively.

“Disengagement from school at age seven is the greatest predictor of youth offending later in life. As we know not all students who are disengaged from school are in the youth justice system, but every child in the youth justice system is disengaged from school.”

The 34 new FlexiSpaces are in addition to the existing 52 FlexiSpaces created since 2018.

A further 24 will be announced in Term 3 this year, bringing the total in Queensland to 102 by 2025.


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