Somerset Mayor Graeme Lehmann presented Linda and Bob Howe, from the Moore Soldiers Memorial Hall Committee, with a cheque for painting the hall’s exterior (Photo: SRC)

November 12, 2021

Moore Soldiers Memorial Hall will get a fresh coat of paint and minor repairs to preserve the nearly century-old building, thanks to Somerset Regional Council.

The hall was erected in 1922 in memory of those who served in World War I and is one of a handful of regional halls still owned by the community.

Cr Bob Whalley said that without the level of dedication shown by the community, smaller rural towns risked losing their most valuable asset – the country hall.

“As domestic tourism in regional Australia continues to grow, and people are looking beyond the coastal strip for authentic Australian experiences, it’s towns like Moore that are benefiting,” Cr Whalley said.

“The strong community support to maintain and make use of the Moore Soldiers Memorial Hall has a flow-on effect of making it an attractive and inviting experience for travellers.

“Hall committees work hard to keep their community asset functional, and this committee is very proactive in that sense, raising money through markets, community events and other activities.

“By providing funding … under Council’s Community Assistance Grants, we are helping to maintain not only a piece of history, but also a community centre and place for visitors to explore.”

Committee representatives Bob and Linda Howe were presented with a cheque by Mayor Graeme Lehmann last week, which will cover the cost of painting the hall’s exterior.

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