Guest speaker Peter Broome, Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington and Principal Darryl Early all took a turn on stage at Nanango State High School’s 40th annual awards night
Guest speaker Peter Broome presented the Senior Dux award to Genevieve Badesso

October 26, 2021

A large crowd of parents, students and teachers packed Nanango State High School’s hall last Wednesday for the school’s 40th annual awards night.

The evening saw the school hand out subject and achievement awards for students in all grades from Year 7 through to Year 12.

Guest speaker Peter Broome presented the awards to Year 12 Dux Genevieve Badesso and the prestigious Prix D’Honneur to Mia Glenny.

Also announced on the evening were the school leaders for 2022: School captains Charli Clark and Jerem Hinchliff; vice-captains Sienna Spencer and Sarah Kidman; and Student Council president Victoria Diaz.

Mr Broome, a former Nanango State High School student, now guides a team of more than 1100 staff as the Chief Operating Officer of Youi Insurance.

He told the audience a high-powered career in the insurance industry was the last thing on his mind when he was a student, because he had intended to become a policeman.

But he admitted he spent his final year paying attention to everything except his studies, and this was reflected in his exam results which proved too low to get him into the Police Academy.

So he swallowed his pride, repeated Year 12 in 1990 and – the second time around – applied himself.

His exam results this time were much better but during the year he also lost interest in becoming a policeman and considered several different career options.

Mr Broome said his unusual path had taught him a few life lessons he wanted to share with students, the chief of which was that if you didn’t enjoy your work and find meaning in it, you should find a different job you really love doing.

The ceremony was also addressed by school principal Darryl Early who said he was very proud of all the students and particularly pleased with the results they achieved this year.

Mr Early said that by the end of this year he would be the high school’s longest-serving principal, and he was always pleased to hear of former Nanango High students making positive contributions to the wider world.

Other special guests on the night included Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington, Cr Roz Frohloff and Education Queensland Assistant Regional Director Debbie Hails who all helped with the award presentations.

Music for the evening was supplied by the Nanango State High School Band, conducted by Alisha Thurston.

Junior Dux Susan Blanch

Prix D’Honneur winner Mia Glenny
Kyle Snow and Rachel Dando were presented with this year’s Sergeant Russell Wendt Memorial Trophy by Cr Roz Frohloff for being the most successful swimmers in this year’s athletics competitions

Year 12 student Mia Glenny won the 2021’s Netballer Of The Year award …

.. and Matthew Springate took the award for Rugby League Footballer Of The Year

Sarah Kidman was chosen as Sportswoman Of The Year …

…and Thomas Cronin won the Show Team Award
Subject and Achievement Awards were handed out to students in all grades from Year 7 to Year 12 … some of the Year 7 award recipients were Chelsey Barnes, Charlotte Barron, Lynleigh Beutel, Josie Black, Shanti Cannell, Tyjohn Clark and Braxton Collin
Harmony Alderton-Pink, Genevieve Badesso, Nikayla Barnett, Hayleigh Bray, Thai-Lia Currell and Bridget Dando led the parade of Year 12 award winners …
…and they were followed by Luke Gilliland, Mia Glenny, Cody Hancock, Reggie Jenner and Royce Jensen …
…then Ryan Jones, Olivia Maynard, Olivia Nunn and Jhavana Perren …
… and Ben Perrett, Bella Schilf, Matthew Springate, Davina Whitfield and Kayla Whitford
Kassidy-Jayne Flood and Ben Perrett were presented with the ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award by Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington

Year 12 dux Genevieve Badesso was also presented with a Science Award by Education Qld’s Debbie Hails

Tyler Maguire was presented with the L.R. Gwynne Drama Award for Year 12 by Debbie Hails

Bella Schilf won this year’s senior Principal’s Award, which was sponsored by NSHS Principal Darryl Early …

…and incoming school captain Charli Clark win the Closing the Gap for Indigenous Students Award
The awards night concluded with a joint farewell from the outgoing and incoming school leaders

* * *

2021 NSHS Year 12 Award Winners

Sporting Awards

  • Danny Perrett Memorial Shield (Athletics) – Tarong
  • Student Council Shield (Swimming) – Taromeo
  • Ian Schloss Memorial Shield (Cross Country) – Taromeo
  • George Groves Shield (House Spirit) – Manumbar
  • D&S Gaedtke (Champion Sports House) – Taromeo
  • Sergeant Russell Wendt Memorial Trophy (Most Successful Open Swimmer)- Kyle Snow and Rachel Dando
  • Lions Club Of Nanango (Netballer Of The Year) – Mia Glenny
  • Lions Club Of Nanango (Footballer Of The Year) – Matthew Springate
  • Rotary Club Of Kingaroy (Sportsperson Of The Year) – Sarah Kidman and Matthew Springate
  • Steffensen Auctioneering (Show Team Award) – Thomas Cronin

Year 12 Subject Awards

  • Agricultural Practices – Cody Hancock
  • Ancient History – Nikayla Barnett
  • Biology – Genevieve Badesso
  • Business – Reggie Jenner
  • Chemistry – Genevieve Badesso
  • Drama – Jason Yates and Zoe Holloway
  • Early Childhood Studies – Jhavana Perren
  • Economics – Ben Perrett
  • English – Genevieve Badesso
  • Essential English – Olivia Nunn
  • Food and Nutrition – Mia Glenny
  • Physical Education – Mia Glenny
  • Essential Mathematics – Zoe Holloway
  • General Mathematics – Reggie Jenner
  • Geography – Genevieve Badesso
  • Hospitality Practices – Olivia Maynard
  • Mathematics Methods – Genevieve Badesso
  • Physics – Genevieve Badesso and Bridget Dando
  • Science In Practice – Bella Schilf
  • Sports and Recreation – Ryan Jones
  • Visual Art – Harmony Alderton-Pink
  • Visual Arts in Practice – Harmony Alderton-Pink
  • Certificate II in Business – Zoe Holloway
  • Certificate II in Engineering – Luke Gilliland
  • Certificate II in Manufacturing – Royce Jensen

Year 12 Achievement Awards

  • Harmony Alderton-Pink – Academic Excellence Merit Award
  • Genevieve Badesso – Academic Excellence Merit Award
  • Hayleigh Bray – Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award
  • Thai-Lia Currell – Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award
  • Bridget Dando – Academic Excellence Merit Award; Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award
  • Lillian Elford – Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award
  • Luke Gilliland – Academic Excellence Merit Award
  • Mia Glenny – Academic Excellence Merit Award
  • Mikaela Hair – Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award
  • Zoe Holloway – Academic Excellence Merit Award
  • Reggie Jenner – Academic Excellence Merit Award
  • Royce Jensen – Academic Excellence Merit Award; Age Champion 17 years and Over Athletics
  • Ryan Jones – Academic Excellence Merit Award
  • Tien Misatham – Academic Excellence Merit Award
  • Tanvi Nath – Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award
  • Jhavana Perren – Academic Excellence Merit Award; Age Champion 17 years and Over Cross Country; Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award
  • Ben Perrett – Academic Excellence Merit Award; Age Champion 17 years and Over Swimming
  • Jack Perrett – Academic Excellence Merit Award
  • Matthew Springate – Academic Excellence Merit Award; Wide Bay Representative – Cricket, Rugby League, Touch; Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver, Gold Awards
  • Davina Whitfield – Age Champion 17 years and Over Swimming
  • Kayla Whitford – Academic Excellence Merit Award
  • Samuel Worbs – Academic Excellence Merit Award

Bursaries And Scholarships

  • CTC Star Award – Jessie Speight
  • ADF Long Tan Leadership And Teamwork Awards – Kassidy-Jayne Flood and Ben Perrett
  • ADF Future Innovators Award – Mackenzie Bygrave
  • Deb Frecklington Reading Award for Year 7 – Tegan Johns
  • Deb Frecklington Reading Award for Year 8 – Melody Durrant

Cultural Awards

  • Hilary Powys Memorial Shield for the Speaker of the Year – Ben Perret
  • Freeman Estates Junior Perpetual Speaking Award – Chelsea O’Connor
  • TAFE South West TAFE Student Of The Year – Rayne Frost
  • Envirospheres Science Award – Genevieve Badesso
  • Burnett Business Centre Business Studies Award – Samuel Worbs
  • Nanango Theatre Company Award – Jason Yates
  • L.R. Gwynne Drama Award for Year 11 – Sarah Kidman
  • L.R. Gwynne Drama Award for Year 12 – Tyler Maguire
  • Jon Fearnley Art Award – Klancie Ryan
  • Bellingham’s Bus’n’Coach Instrumental Music Award – Thomas Stevenson
  • Junior Principal’s Award – Lana Thompson
  • Senior Principal’s Award – Bella Schilf

Special Awards

  • Nanango RSL Closing the Gap for Indigenous Students Award – Charli Clark
  • Envirospheres Senior School and Community Service Award – Ben Perrett
  • Fiona Carvolth Memorial Shield for the ‘Accept the Challenge Award’ – Royce Jensen
  • Ampol Best All Rounder – Matthew Springate
  • Year 11 Junior Dux – Susan Blanch
  • Year 11 Dux – Roan Perkins-McAuley
  • Year 12 Senior Dux – Genevieve Badesso
  • Prix D’Honneur – Mia Glenny

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