An old power pole had to be replaced to allow to Saturday’s Wondai race meeting to go ahead (Photos by SBRC, taken before the demolition of the grandstand)

October 14, 2021

South Burnett Regional Council will give the Wondai AP&I Society $6567 to reconnect power to the race caller’s box to ensure this Saturday’s race meeting can go ahead as planned.

At Wednesday’s standing committee meeting, Councillors were told the demolition of the Wondai Showgrounds’ grandstand and construction of a new pavilion had required power to the box to be disconnected.

The power came from a wooden supply pole located in the grounds.

However, during the disconnection electricians found the pole was in such poor condition they believed only the wires running from it had prevented it from toppling over.

After a difficult disconnection process that required temporary bracing to support the pole, inspection revealed age and weather had degraded it to the point where complete replacement was necessary.

A new pole was quickly organised by the Show Society under the terms of its lease with Council.

However, power reconnection was Council’s responsibility,

The AP&I Society wrote to Council asking for a contribution that would allow it to get power restored in time for the South Burnett Race Club’s upcoming meeting.

Councillors were told restoring power to the race caller’s box was essential to the running of Saturday’s races, and agreed to the request unanimously.

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