Understorey vegetation clearing carried out last month may have moved flying foxes out of Blackbutt’s Taromeo Creek, but all it did was shift the problem to residents living a few blocks away (Photo: Facebook)
Natural Resources Management portfolio chair Cr Scott Henschen

October 13, 2021

Hopes that clearing bushland along a stretch of Taromeo Creek would put an end to Blackbutt’s flying fox plague have been dashed.

Last month, South Burnett council workers removed 38 truckloads of vegetation from around Taromeo Creek in a bid to discourage Little Red flying foxes from roosting in the area.

At Wednesday’s Standing Committee meeting, Natural Resources Management portfolio chair Cr Scott Henschen said that after the creek clean-up ended, Council received reports of extra vegetation clearing by residents.

But it seems that rather than persuading the flying foxes to leave town, clearing had simply prompted the colony to move a few blocks away to Sutton Street.

Worse, it appeared the density of flying foxes has now increased.

Cr Henschen said Council staff were now working with Department of Environment and Science to provide information to residents, businesses and parents of day-care children in the Sutton Street area about how to live safely with the animals.

Council are also assisting compliance officers with their investigation of recent clearing activities.

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