October 11, 2019

Blackbutt police are urging rural residents to consider buying CCTV cameras to help protect their properties from thieves.

“Property offences continue to be an issue within the Blackbutt Police Division and in particular, rural property theft of water and fuel,” officer-in-charge Sergeant Andrew McDowell said.

“Offenders are going out to rural properties knowing that there is less chance of being seen.”

Sgt McDowell said thieves also assumed that properties would be not secured in rural areas.

“The offences will continue to occur if preventative measures are not made to secure your property,” he said.

“Please ensure that all your property is always locked and secured.

“I am a huge advocate for CCTV to be installed around your property as it can be the difference between us catching offenders or not with very few witnesses around.

“CCTV cameras are relatively cheap, and the quality is getting better every day.

“Insurance companies are also big fans of CCTV and if you ask, a lot of them may also reduce premiums knowing that they are installed.”

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