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Students Lend A Hand Against Bullies

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Year 6 students Zoe Hoare, 11, and Hamish Mungall, 10, with the anti-bullying tree of hands

March 15, 2019

Year 6 students at St Mary’s Catholic College in Kingaroy put together a small ceremony on Friday morning to mark the National Day of Action Against Violence and Bullying.

The students prepared and led the Prep to Year 6 assembly which had the theme, “Lend A Hand To Stop Bullying”.

A colourful paper tree decorated with hands was a focal point.

The Year 6s said the tree had been created to show that if “we all work together we can stop bullying”.

They said one in four students across Australia had experienced bullying at some stage.

The students sang along with an anti-bullying song written by Kumbia singer, Tom Curtain, in memory of Dolly Everett.

Head of Primary Pam Radcliffe echoed the words of the song: “We need to stand up and report bullying. We need to speak up even if your voice shakes.”

“If you see something happening or if you hear it, then you have to report it, or you’re on the bully’s side,” she said.

The theme for the Year 6 anti-bullying ceremony at St Mary’s Catholic College on Friday morning

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Speak Up – Tom Curtain & Sara Storer

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