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Region Donates $31,000 To LifeFlight

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An RACQ LifeFlight helicopter on Kingaroy Hospital's helipad (Photo: RACQ LifeFlight)

July 28, 2017

South Burnett Mayor Keith Campbell (Photo: SBRC)

The South Burnett Regional Council has given RACQ LifeFlight a cheque for $31,294.

The money was raised last financial year through the Community Rescue and Evacuation Levy, a $4 charge levied annually on all rateable properties in the South Burnett.

The levy was introduced in 2010 to support airborne rescue services that provide emergency evacuation transport for the region.

At the time it was introduced, LifeFlight was the main provider, but the service’s name was changed to RACQ LifeFlight last July.

“The sight and sound of the RACQ LifeFlight helicopter coming in to land or taking off is a regular occurrence in our region,” Mayor Keith Campbell said.

“This being said, residents and visitors can rest assured that through the generous support of our communities, we are able to access this life saving service.”

RACQ LifeFlight is one of Australia’s largest aeromedical charities, and provides rapid response medical care to thousands of people each year.

“Because of this service, many people from the South Burnett are still alive today,” Mayor Campbell said.

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6 Responses to Region Donates $31,000 To LifeFlight

  1. Peter Ward

    The number of rateable properties, approx 16,500 +, multiplied by $4 equals more than $31,000 “raised last financial year”

  2. Terry Gordon

    Peter, Council records show that there are 24,500 rateable properties in the South Burnett Council area.That 98 grand per year collected, where did the other 67 grand go?

  3. Cr Ros Heit

    A bit of an explanation for clarity. Each of the 17,600 South Burnett rateable properties are charged $4 pa on their rates ($2 each half year as community and rescue levy) which is all given to LifeFlight. So last year a bit over $70,000 was sent to them. The amount sent each quarter varies and the $31,000 was the April quarter. If anyone has further questions please give me a call. LifeFlight provide a marvellous service to our region and have undoubtedly saved lives. Ros 0477-010-743

    • Peter Ward

      No one is disputing the service of LifeFlight. Why wasn’t the correct information provided to the media in the first place? It leaves yourselves open for some of us “morons” to ask questions if the Mayor or councillors can’t provide the correct information. Keep them away from the media and get someone who can, then there will be no need for “clarity”. Don’t just throw out some numbers. Would you have been better off providing the full 2016/17 figures? Would have been more impressive.

      • News Desk

        Peter, we have checked the original media release, and it did imply it was a full-year amount; but then again, we should have done the maths and picked up the error, too …

  4. Cr Ros Heit

    Peter, I apologise. On this occasion I think the media release could have been more detailed and less ambiguous. Thank you for your comments and concern for our region.

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