February 22, 2015

by Debbie Ovens

Results from futsal games played in Kingaroy on Thursday, February 19:

Minis had lots of fun learning how to play Futsal and skill development with James Gilmour and Pacey Clegg on Thursday afternoon.


  • Pink 5 narrowly defeated Bees 4. Pinks’ Jay Bomwick scored two goals.
  • Barcelona 18 defeated Real Madrid 3. Barcelona’s Joel Macri scored eight goals.
  • Nike Blitz defeated Man U. Both teams worked really hard and played some awesome futsal.


  • Unreal Madrid 17 defeated Alex’s Team 5. Unreal Madrid’s James Gilmour scored seven goals.
  • City 11 defeated The Germans 4. City’s Callum Tucker scored five goals.
  • Fobilicious 7 defeated Tools 4. This was a high quality game of Futsal and exciting to watch. Fobilicious’s Aiden Musch scored three goals.


  • Gunners 11 defeated FC Poor Toe 6. Gunners had a player return from injury, Ike Silalat, who scored six goals.
  • Panthers 18 defeated D-Gen 0.  Panthers’ Harry Sterling scored eight goals.
  • Bakery Boys 16 defeated Benchwarmers 3. Bakery Boys’ Jason Chesterton scored five goals.
  • Zenix 12 defeated The Germans 5. Zenix’s Brody Hatchman scored five goals.
  • Da Brady Bunch 6 goals defeated Gunnettes 2.

* * *

Other Futsal News

  • Junior and Youth Regional Selections are taking place now. Queensland Regionals will be held at Easter in Brisbane.
  • The Kingaroy Futsal Challenge has been scheduled for Saturday March 14. This will be a huge regional training session for all teams representing our area.

* * *

Draw for Thursday, February 26:

Court 1

  • 3:45pm – Minis
  • 4:45pm – Real Madrid v Man U
  • 5:45pm – The Germans v Alex’s Team
  • 6:45pm – D Gen v The Germans
  • 7:30pm – FC Poor Toe v Zenix
  • 8:15pm – Benchwarmers v Gunners

Court 2

  • 3:45pm – Nike Blitz v Bees
  • 4:45pm – Barcelona v Pink
  • 5:45pm – City v Tools
  • 6:45pm – Unreal Madrid v Pacey’s Team
  • 7:30pm – Panthers v Da Brady Bunch
  • 8:15pm – Gunnettes v Bakery Boys
  • Fobilicious – bye

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