Agriculture Minister Mark Furner

November 2, 2023

Five road trains of fodder have been despatched – including three to the Burnett region – to assist livestock affected by the recent bushfires around Queensland.

A State Government spokesperson said two roadtrains were expected to arrive in the Carnarvon Gorge area on Friday night, while three will arrive in the Burnett  from interstate at the weekend.

The Bushfire Fodder Taskforce has contracted Rural Aid to provide the five roadtrains of fodder.

The spokesperson said multiple properties had been damaged and thousands of cattle were considered at significant risk of animal welfare issues in these regions.

The exact locations of where the fodder will be delivered are still to be finalised.

The spokesperson said biosecurity risks were  being considered and managed as part of the process.

Sourced fodder will have an appropriate weed hygiene declaration, however, properties receiving hay must acknowledge the risk of weed seed contamination at their own discretion.

Agriculture Minister Mark Furner strongly encouraged producers to fill out a Disaster Impact Survey so their needs could be properly assessed and prioritised

“I understand that while other areas, such as Tara on the Western Downs and Miriam Vale near Gladstone, have been heavily affected by the bushfires, Local Disaster Management Group feedback is that those areas have enough fodder supplies for the time being,” Minister Furner said.

Primary producers can also access disaster assistance loans up to $250,000 and freight assistance up to $5000.

Other support available includes:

For information on applications and assistance, visit or call 1800-623-946.

Contact DAF on 13-25-23 for information about freight subsidies.



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