An artist’s impression of the new Hungry Jacks outlet in Kingaroy, featuring a dual-lane drive-thru (Graphic: SBRC)

August 1, 2022

The 1373 members of the “Kingaroy Needs A Hungry Jacks” social media group should be celebrating … their dream has come true!

Demolition work has begun on a block at the corner of Alford and Youngman streets in preparation for the construction of a Hungry Jacks outlet.

The new restaurant will be built immediately opposite Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It will offer dine-in, takeaway and drive-thru options as well as a Jack’s Café.

South Burnett Regional Council approved the development application for the 2020sq m block last year, but at the time the fast-food franchise being considered was not known.

Hungry Jack’s spokesperson Scott Baird said the company was thrilled to be opening a store in Kingaroy.

He said the restaurant would open early next year, creating more than 50 jobs.

The Kingaroy restaurant will open early to late, seven days a week.

* * *

Raw video of demolition work on the site last week (video by Bigcrete Industries)

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3 Responses to "Hungry Jacks Coming To Town"

  1. Yeh! Just what Kingaroy needs, another fast food place.

    Seriously though, it will create 50 jobs. And really, Hungry Jacks do make better burgers.

    I’m just glad I live in one of the other towns in the South Burnett so I’ll not get there very often.

  2. It’s amusing speaking to different people in Kingaroy as many have made the same comment to me being, we have a Bunnings, soon to have a Hungry Jacks – now all we need is a Kmart and Kingaroy will be then be a big town!

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