The youngest dancers attracted the biggest applause at Cherbourg’s NAIDOC Day celebrations on Tuesday

July 6, 2022

Rain may have stopped NAIDOC Day being held in Cherbourg’s Anzac Memorial Park, but it didn’t stop people from heading up to the Sports Complex for a big day of celebrations.

The theme for this year’s NAIDOC is “Get Up, Stand Up, Show Up”, and show up the community did, to witness the announcement of Cherbourg Council’s annual NAIDOC awards (see below), enjoy hot food and coffee, browse stalls and watch the Wakka Wakka Dancers in action.

There was even a jumping castle for the children, squeezed in under cover.

Deputy Mayor Tom Langton shared the NAIDOC message for 2022:

“We have a proud history of getting up, standing up, and showing up.

“From the frontier wars and our earliest resistance fighters to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities fighting for change today, we continue to show up.

“Now is our time. We cannot afford to lose momentum for change.

“We all must continue to Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! for systemic change and keep rallying around our mob, our Elders, our communities.

“Whether it’s seeking proper environmental, cultural and heritage protections, Constitutional change, a comprehensive process of truth-telling, working towards treaties, or calling out racism, we must do it together.

“It must be a genuine commitment by all of us to Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! and support and secure institutional, structural, collaborative, and co-operative reforms.

“It’s also time to celebrate the many who have driven and led change in our communities over generations—they have been the heroes and champions of change, of equal rights and even basic human rights.

“Getting Up, Standing Up, and Showing Up can take many forms.

“We need to move beyond just acknowledgement, good intentions, empty words and promises, and hollow commitments. Enough is enough.

“The relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non‑Indigenous Australians needs to be based on justice, equity, and the proper recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights.

“Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! with us to amplify our voices and narrow the gap between aspiration and reality, good intent and outcome.

“Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!”

Mayor Elvie Sandow and Cr Leighton Costello led proceedings at Cherbourg’s NAIDOC celebrations on Tuesday
Aunty Lillian Gray cut the NAIDOC cake surrounded by Mayor Sandow, Cr Costello, Cr Fred Cobbo and Deputy Mayor Tom Langton
South Burnett Deputy Mayor Gavin Jones, right, caught up with some of his old rugby league mates … from left, Ron Watson, Barry Fewquandie, Cr Tom Langton, Frank Malone and Cr Fred Cobbo
Angie Dingle, Anne Lynch, Kristy Seymour and Julie Ewart at the South Burnett CTC stall
Zantanna Wano, Bobbie Sandow and Linda Georgetown at the Cherbourg Community Health stall
Clowry Kennell and Melissa Stewart at the Sit, Talk and Yarn (STaY) stall
Cherbourg councillors were out in force … from left, Deputy Mayor Tom Langton, Cr Bronwyn Murray, Mayor Elvie Sandow, Cr Leighton Costello and Cr Fred Cobbo
A snapshot of the big crowd which gathered in the Sports Complex for the NAIDOC Day celebrations

* * *

Wakka Wakka Dancers

The Wakka Wakka troupe performed a string of dances to the applause of the crowd.

The involvement of many of the younger dancers was a highlight for many of the proud mums, dads and grannies in the audience.

* * *

Cherbourg NAIDOC Day Awards

The annual Cherbourg NAIDOC Awards were announced by Cr Leighton Costello.

Acknowledgement Awards:

  • Cherbourg Radio Station – for the excellent job they do keeping the Cherbourg community and surrounding districts up-to-date with community events and community matters, over the radio and through Facebook. Radio station staff are present at all community events, live broadcasting, taking photos and interviewing people. Cherbourg Radio has been very active in the community, supporting and engaging with stakeholders, Council and service providers, covering important news and information to keep Cherbourg informed.
Cherbourg Radio’s Arlene Langton, Kimberley Barrett and Michael Monk accepted the award on behalf of the crew at Cherbourg Radio
  • Garry Simpson Snr – for sharing his ideas around infrastructure and projects in and around Cherbourg. His most recent idea was the Town Clock.
  • Elizabeth O’Chin – for her leadership and dedication to training. She is currently the lead in water management and the dog program co-ordinator. As part of her duties she engages with the community and all levels of government. She is an asset to the Cherbourg workforce. Lizzie is a great example of community spirit.

Sportsman In The Community

  • Selwyn Cobbo should be commended for his hard work and dedication to achieve his dream of playing NRL for the Brisbane Broncos and most recently being selected to represent Queensland in the 2022 State of Origin. He is a quiet achiever who is an aspiring role model for our young people in Cherbourg. His achievements, aspirations and the way he leads by example are invaluable, not only to our community but to all Aboriginal people.
Selwyn Cobbo’s aunty, Sherry Sandow, accepted the Sportsman’s Award on his behalf

Sportswoman In The Community

  • Christine Watson trialled AFL at school in Toowoomba. She played her first year of senior women’s AFL in 2001 and was named AFLQ Darling Downs Rookie of the Year. She was also picked in the Brisbane Lions Academy and the Under 18s AFLW State team. This quite an achievement for a young female; the community of Cherbourg is so proud.
Christine Watson was named Cherbourg’s NAIDOC Day Sportswoman In The Community

Youth In The Community

  • Vincent Law Jnr  has been working as an Aboriginal health worker at CRAICCHS. He completed his Certificate IV in Primary Health last year. While at CRAICCHS, Vinnie co-ordinated eye health, men’s health and youth health activities as well as working in the clinic. He is respectful not only to Elders but to his peers, as well. Vinnie plays several sports and is an excellent role model for youth in the community.
Christine Stewart accepted the Youth In The Community Award on behalf of Vincent Law Jnr

Organisation Serving The Community

  • Crow’s Barber Shop is the first Aboriginal-owned business to be opened in Murgon. The barber shop services clients from Cherbourg and Murgon as well as surrounding towns. Tyrone Murray is the owner. By living his dreams, he is inevitably breaking down cultural barriers and proving that hard work and dedication pays off in the long run.
Tyrone Murray had to rush to get changed after his performance with the Wakka Wakka Dancers to be back in time to accept the “Organisation Serving The Community” award

Artist In The Community

  • Peter Carlo Snr is an amazing artist whose artwork has been displayed far and wide for many years. He is an inspiration and role model to all in the arts industry, to his family and many young people in the community.
Natasha Duncan, right, pictured with her sister Mayor Sandow, accepted the Artist In The Community award on behalf of Peter Carlo Snr

Community Services Award

  • Jeffrey and Lavina Dynevor are both leaders in our community. Lavina is the manager of the Sports Complex and Jeffrey is a sport and recreation officer. They run after-school activities and holiday programs for the Cherbourg children and work hard to reconnect children to culture. Jeffrey has also started a support group for Cherbourg men, “Men Encouraging Men To Speak Out”. Jeffrey and Lavina also manage and coach the Under 14s Cherbourg Hornets rugby league team. They are also active members in the Cherbourg Suicide Prevention Action Network (SPAN). This couple in their spare time is always volunteering in some capacity for community children.
Jeffery and Lavina Dynevor were presented with the Community Services Award for their work in Cherbourg

Special Achievement Awards

  • Jamie-Lee Wiley is a teaching assistant at Cherbourg State School. She is currently studying for a teaching degree. She is a wonderful role model and should be recognised for her dedication to studying and passion for education.
  • Bobbie Sandow is the senior hearing health worker for Cherbourg Community Health. She has completed her Diploma in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health and will be starting her Bachelor of Nursing as the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba.
Bobbie Sandow, pictured with Cr Fred Cobbo and Cr Tom Langton, was presented with a Special Achievement award

Elders In The Community

  • Uncle Frank Malone has been contributing enormously in educating the Cherbourg State School children as future leaders of the Cherbourg community. He inculcates Indigenous culture to students every day and reiterates the values of respect and education to students. Uncle Frank supports the teaching staff on how to teach Indigenous children. He is also an advocate for parents and their children in the community.
Uncle Frank Malone was presented with an Elder In The Community Award
  • Uncle Eric Law, Aunty Patti Bond and Uncle Michael Bond have worked with Murgon State High School to introduce the revival of the Wakka Wakka language into the curriculum for all Year 7 and 8 students at the school. They provide advice, encouragement and authorisation for the teaching of the Wakka Wakka language. Their work has now moved beyond MSHS with a video presentation shown at the recent Darling Downs South West principals’ conference. As a result of this presentation, other schools, including Kingaroy SHS and Yarraman State School have expressed interest in the delivery of the Wakka Wakka language program. Schools in the Barambah cluster are now in the process of seeking Elder and Traditional Owner advice in the introduction of the Wakka Wakka language program in their schools.
Cherbourg councillors with Aunty Patricia Bond and her Elder In The Community Award

Lifetime Community Services Award

  • The late Bevan Costello Snr’s intellect and hard work was clearly demonstrated in the Cherbourg community. His commitment and dedication were evident in his involvement in a number of activities in the community. Uncle Bevan worked for many years at Murgon State High School and was the Deputy Principal at Cherbourg State School and Silver Lining alternative education for boys and girls. During his time with education, his level of confidence and diligence were demonstrated in the RUOK? march, the Domestic Violence march, men’s group activities, Justice in the community, and social and emotional wellbeing.
An emotional Dorothy Simpson accepted the Lifetime Community Services award on behalf of her late husband, Bevan Costello, from Cr Leighton Costello

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